APACUNT: the most important panel in the history of panelism. You don’t even want to know what we cropped out of the above photo.

1) Title of Breakout Session.

APACUNT: Asian Pacific Americans Communicating Unilaterally Neo-Theater
2) Short Description of Topic of Discussion or Activity Proposed. (100 words or less)

A combination of a breakout session, flash mob, and performance piece. This “discussion” will require participants to use post-post-post modern and post-post-post race methodologies for communicating. The session, located specifically in a difficult space (such as a rooftop, oblong hallway, broom closet stacked with crap) will unite, once and for all, the multiple generations and genres of Asian American Theater artists.

PURPOSE: These artists must communicate throughout the session using suggestions given to them on secret cards beforehand (ie “scream everything that you want to say,” “communicate just your feet,” “always say the opposite of what you really mean.”)

FACILITATORS: The facilitators will lead a serious (very serious) discussion that will give (or force), once and for all:

–an absolute understanding of APA theater history
–how different generations of artists can understand each other
–how the varied genres of APA “theater” can come together in harmony

Most importantly, we intend for this session to reduce the ego in the APA theater community.

JUDGES: will be looking for:

–actual forward motion
–historical injustice depicted with the most intolerable whining
–ability to shift from sub to dom and back in a flash of an eye

The session will end with the crowning of one supreme “APACUNT Lord of the Flies” where the participant with the best ideas is rewarded with a special crown. (The crown is not guaranteed however to the winner, as it can be taken away with enough shit-talking by someone who knows enough white people in power.)

3) Name of Suggested Facilitator with title and affiliations, brief bio and phone, address and email contact information.

Alice Tuan, Old Cunt and Playwright, communicating via megaphone
Credits: Last of the Suns, Ajax, Sherwood Award Winner

Kristina Wong, New Cunt and Solo Performer/ Writer, communicating via video chat from the sandy beaches in Florida
Credits: Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Free?, Sherwood Award Finalist

4) Names of suggested panelists with titles and affiliations, brief bios and phone, address and email contact information (limit to two names)

The proposed panelists will be both facilitators and judges. Alice Tuan and Kristina Wong.

Ensemble Shows and Community Collaborations

re: location (Participating Artist)

Asian Arts Initiative, Philadelphia, PA

This residency collaboration with artists all over the country looked at issues gentrification.

Edge of the World (Participating Artist)

Performed at La Mama ETC New York City, NY

This ensemble based show was an evening length of collaboratively created work inspired by the creative philosophy of the Neo Futurists.

OUTFLOW (Lead Artist and Project Facilitator)

Participating artists: Joy Anderson, Jessica Gudiel, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario, Mitsu Salmon and Kristina Wong

Group show at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA |

This investigation will highlight Santa Monica’s radically shifting racial and cultural situation in times of gentrification.

Carnalville (co-curator with Marcus Kuiland Nazario)

Group show at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA

October 30, 2008

A fan of sideshows, carnivals and durational work, I co-curated some of my favorite local LA artists in an interactive adults-only post (post post) modern Carnival. Marcus and I are proud that one of our pieces was deemed “too dangerous” for Highways and was shut down.

Participating artists of our Carnalville included:

Lindsey Haley & Ayde Gonzalez
Kennedy Kabasares
Gul Cagin
Howard Seth Cohen
Pete Lee
Lorely Trinidad
Viet Le
Cuca Esteves
Mariel Carranza
Monica Moran & Doug Dean
Butchalis de Panochitlan
Gennifer Hirano
Maria Turnmeyer & Friends
Gallery of photos by Karen Harley