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Chickens and Shows, Chickens and shows.

June 15th, 2011

Tonight I’m performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA!  The show is already sold out online!  I hope my friends who brave the stand-in line get in.  The show goes up in full in San Francisco in July.

I’m not sure that anyone even reads my blog anymore unless I’m being dissed by James Franco. But at any rate, if you are still out there…  I’m happy to report I’ve been doing well.  Still busy, still stressed out from overcommitment, but I have to say I’m really finally living the life!  I’m enjoying a nice flow of work and great opportunities flow my way.  I’m surrounded by good people.  And I’m spending my days writing for different magazines and publications. I’m getting ready for the home video release of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest this Fall.   I’m enjoying my home.  It’s a good life.  Sitting on the laurels of having worked my ass off last year.  And I’m really feeling blessed.

I got a few great press mentions this week include  Good Magazine and  Persephone Magazine.

THE BEST NEWS! American Public Media’s Marketplace show contacted me about doing a commentary for them for July’s “Carmageddon” (the weekend shutdown of the 405 freeway).    Yes, seems that almost dying in a car fire is the best thing to happen to my career!

In my newest eco-experiment, I’ve been co-raising chickens in a yard in Highland Park.  They are adorable.  Their names are Pilpel (Hebrew word for “Pepper”) and Lovely.  And it’s nice to just enjoy them, watch them, I don’t even mind cleaning the coop.  They haven’t laid eggs yet, but I learned that by putting a “fake egg” in the coop, it helps induce their egg laying.  So far, they have not been inspired by the hard boiled egg I put in there.  But any day now it will be free range eggs for everyone!

I’ve been also preparing for this summer’s visionquest to Southeast Asia.   I have no idea what to expect so I’ve been watching “No Reservations,” “Bizarre Foods,” and what documentaries I could find online which were all about sex trafficking or undetonated “bombies” in Laos… now I’m more confused what I’ll get.  It will definitely be an experience.

But I’m excited that the trip I regretted never taking out of college I can finally do now.   I need to go to a travel clinic and get shots done.  It’s going to cost a few hundred dollars just for that and knowing my history with bugs, I’m going to get eaten alive!  You can find me in Southeast Asia this summer.  I’ll be the one walking around with an electronic bug zapper.

I guess I’m so happy because I also figured out, even with my artist income and artist salary how to set aside money every year to do an overseas vacation each year:

Basically the formula is this:  Don’t own a car, put that money in a savings account earmarked as a vacation fund, and sublet my home when I’m gone (which builds equity while I’m on vacay)– viola!  Overseas vacation money!

So this will be the first of many visionquests about the world.  Believe it.

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After the baby is delivered, post partum…

November 23rd, 2010

The set was one big clusterfluck of Wong.

I have returned back to my life of Los Angeles mediocrity and toil after two amazing weeks in Miami.   I didn’t get laid, catch VD or pick up a coke habit…  Come to think of it, I barely drank booze I was working so hard making nothing but theater.  I left Miami thinking… “Wow!  No sex or drugs?  What kind of f’d up Miami trip was that?”

And so goes another full-length Wong show under my belt!  “Going Green the Wong Way” is full length show #4 (maybe #5 if you count “Whoring for Hollywood” two years ago at the Comedy Central Stage… I’ve stopped counting…) in the books.  It wasn’t quite solo.  I had a trio of ASMs (Assistant Stage Managers) and Kristina Raines playing the voice of “Mother Earth.”  The three ASMs were decked out as “Reduce,” “Reuse,” and “Recycle” with these insanely cute coveralls.

What was so cool was that my folks flew out last minute from San Francisco to see the show.   I was so nervous about them there but the show was such a production that I wanted them to see how well I could do.  They even were part of my standing ovation.

A round up of the Reviews! In LA, one weekend shows rarely get reviewed, so I was thrilled to get reviewed and GOOD reviews at that.  Press kit, here we come!

Miami Herald (First line–  “Kristina Wong is a funny — no, make that an extremely funny — performer with a wildly imaginative, sometimes raunchy sensibility.”  Yay!)

Miami New Times

Miami Art Zine

Miami Art Zine (actual review)

Thomas Thorspecken (An Amazing local Orlando illustrator who draws events he attends)

Neil De La Flor (A funny local blogger and artist)

South Florida Theater Review

ENV Magazine

And a round-up of the preshow press!

Miami Art Zine

South Florida Theater Review

Miami Herald

Knight Arts

Brian Feldman does a preshow performance called "Going Green the Feldman Way"

And my favorite performance artist of Orlando, Brian Feldman (who you may remember from earlier blogs as the man who married a total stranger to show how ridiculous it was two strangers of opposite genders could wed but two loving same sex partners could not) did a great preshow performance where he chugged (water) from a gasoline canister in the lobby.  It was simple, telling and dramatic.  That’s Thomas’ drawing of it above!

Another awesome bonus was that I got to do a “Meet and Greet” event at the Soho Beach House called “Going Drunk the Wong Way.”  The Soho House is this exclusive club for rich kids.  They served “Wong Island Iced Teas” and I talked about my life.  So nuts!  And it was a “members only event.”

Ok, and now… back to my life of toil and mediocrity in Los Angeles.  I’m grateful for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Baby Wong needs a vacay.

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September 17th, 2010

The Comedy Central Stage Show went unbelievably well.  I had been working in such a cocoon the last few weeks that I forgot how much more alive I become with an audience.  I was dragging my performance artist self into the show left and right and really testing the boundaries of what “Comedy” at the “Comedy Central Stage” should look like.  I started crying onstage unexpectedly as I talked about almost dying (but didn’t let it get too precious), tramped my politics through the joint,  I was personal and took my sweet time to talk story, I threw in this political performance art ending.  I guess I just stopped caring at a certain point in the rehearsal process about wooing the industry and just ran with my instincts.  I’m glad of it.  That’s all we have time left for on this planet to do…. run with it.  And from what I can tell, the audience was with me and listening.

I’m really pleased to share that my concert film of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has a great write up in FILM THREAT. In the interview, I talk about the adaptation of stage work to film and compare the two worlds…

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #26: GOING GREEN THE WONG WAY

August 24th, 2010

Last week I “celebrated” two years of not owning a car by locking down the date of my new show at the Comedy Central Workspace.  Where my “Cat Lady” show struggles to be written, this show about my well intended efforts to live sustainably seems to write itself.

Now that I’ve got this crazy mortgage, I don’t think I could own a car even if I wanted to.  It would be another $800 a month expense I’d rather not deal with and maybe, can’t deal with.  And so, the hitch hikers guide to Los Angeles continues…

Right now, the show will be at the Comedy Central Workspace in September, Las Vegas in October, and Miami in November.  Come see how I make urban planning hilarious!

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The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #24: Carlessness… The Greatest Career Boost Ever.

November 17th, 2009

I did it. Four DIFFERENT shows in one week. Two cities. And unlike Jesse Spano… NO NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

I just got back from San Francisco. I presented my Carless Comedy show Sunday. Saturday was the LA Storyteller Festival where I did two different pieces. Then Tuesday and Friday, I did the “Whoring for Hollywood” show with D’Lo at the LA Comedy Festival.

The storytelling community is no joke. Imagine folks from a renaissance fair and like an audience whose median age is 65 all mixed together. I wasn’t sure how this crowd would take me. They are so sincere and so into folklore and myths. And I just do the strange things that I do. I was programmed in the “Fringe Tales” concerts which was their way of saying, “Filthy, saucy, dirty stories”. I kept joking that they should have named “Fringe Tales”– the “Motherf*cking Stories!” show.

My whole family came out to see me! And didn’t disown me after!

The adrenaline from NYC and doing five new shows in five days still follows me. It was a huge challenge, but I made it through this week and kicked ass each time. It feels so great.

How’d I get through this week? I just took it day by day. On Sunday after my plane landed, I worked furiously at my parents’ house to tack on 10 new minutes of material to my carless show. I was wondering if the disconnect between LA and SF would make a difference, but it really was a hit. The San Francisco audience was with me even though I was talking about trying to get around LA. And can I blame them? Who else could tell this insane story of owning a money pit car that ran on vegetable oil and then it catching on fire? Followed by my stories on the bus. I got this topic on lock down!


I’m dreaming up more places that this carless experience can take me, and already, opportunities to tour and talk about this are presenting themselves all over the country. I’m talking books, radio, panels, commissions– it’s endless where this can all go.

Jesus! Spending all that money on a shit car, almost dying in a car fire, and then going carless in Los Angeles is the best thing that ever happened to me!

I’ve been really fulfilling my recession year goal of creating as much new work as possible, not getting stuck in a creative rut. Nelson Mandela wrote books from prison… I can certainly make shows for any space. I hit a lot of post-partum creative depression when Cuckoo’s Nest was finally “done” but I’m feeling so good as I look ahead and finally see that I’m going to do the work, not the work around doing the work.

Give me a concert hall! Give me a lecture hall! I can do it! And most importantly, I’m more in practice as an artist than as an artist than as an arts administrator.

I think life is lining up nicely. I’ve just decided to run forward and not look back. Who’s coming?

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