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Mia-izzle fo Shizzle in the Flo-izzle.

November 9th, 2010

Assume what you will about the Miami theater scene here but my experience thus far working with MAD CAT Theater Company (the company producing my show here) has been tight.

LA Theater has nothing on the resources here.  First off!  People and space!   And the people are not flakes or disrespectful (at least not yet)!   Where did all this space and people come from?  We went into our first rehearsal yesterday with the company members who will be supporting the production of my show in two weeks and I think I counted at least ten people at the table yesterday… all there to support my SOLO SHOW.

Ann, is the most amazing board member of MAD CAT.  She’s not an actor, just someone who makes sure all the business is taken care of so we can focus on making the best show possible.   Is this real?! You mean, I don’t have to simultaneously write a grant and my play?!  WOW!

Then there Elaine, the stage manager who has built a model of the stage with the set design.  She sends “stage manager reports” after rehearsals.  I got said stage manager report in an email later that night and read each thorough detail of what happened in the time we were working and was like, “WOW! What’s this?”

Folks who do theater right will tell me, “Well, Kristina, that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Exactly.  Not rehearsing in living rooms.  Not being berated by flaky directors or actors.  Not doing it all by yourself.   In theory, that’s how is is supposed to work.  But I get a dose of how it’s supposed to work hardly ever (says the martyr).  And so, I’m really enjoying being taken care of, staying in a house that’s a short bike ride from the beach.  And editing and punching the heck out of this script so it looks tight as a pair of lycra leggings next week.


My big Miami fun this weekend was that I went to Lil’ Wayne’s “Free Weezy” party.  What’s more Miami than going to a stripclub/nightclub/barbershop/BBQ called “King of Diamonds” where rappers throw themselves big party after going to jail for weapons possession?

Like a KISS concert, I did up my face with my fave Lil’ Wayne face tatts and headed over!

It was $150 to get in, so we had to settle for hanging out with the parking attendant.  Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

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Open House #10: Blank Walls at home and in life

May 27th, 2010

Explaining to Steven Leigh Morris how my madness became brilliance. Photo: Jen Cleary

I am staring at blank walls in my home.

I have yet to put any pictures up or art, because I’m not sure who I am now in this new stage of life.  I have yet to paint the walls– can’t decide what color I am.  It’s the most uncluttered and undecorated home I’ve ever lived in.  People who’ve known my past clutter come over and they can’t believe how little I seem to own.

I just like sitting here for the moment.  At this point of potential.


I got some bad news.  A young relative of mine (only 13) has what might possibly be a life threatening illness.  I am in denial.  I pray.  She doesn’t deserve this.  No person deserves this.

Life changes so fast. I’m not sure how other people manage to stay married for so long.  People change so much.

I’ve been married to myself for almost two years now, and there were plenty of times when I wanted a divorce.

When I see my young relative, I pray for her, but am so grateful that the rest of family is here and in good health.


This blog entry is a break from the non-stop barrage of angst and self-deprecation typical of my blog.

I want to share the great week I had last week.

I had the honor of being asked to perform “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” for the NEA (yes… that’s right… the NE freaking A!) Fellows in Arts Journalism at their conference here in LA.  Basically, it’s a conference of national theater critics who got a special fellowship from the NEA.   I was the kick-off performance!  I’m not sure if I will ever get to do this show in LA again (need you read this blog to be reminded how much work it is to put on live theater… especially in Los Angeles?) so I got on the email horn and told everyone to catch the show!

And they came.   I packed REDCAT’s house at 3:30pm on a Monday.  I guess free afternoon shows at the REDCAT really draw in LA people who tend to have flex schedules (ie the unemployed!).  I’ve had friends here forever and so many had yet to actually see my shows.   My friends even wrote very thoughtful blogs about the show. Check them here….

Quentin Lee (a wonderful filmmaker)

Michele Guitierrez’s blog with spoilers! (I led a workshop with Khmer Girls in Action when Michelle worked there)

I was pleased to get a full standing ovation at the end!  The Q&A with Steven Leigh Morris was great.  I’ve been reading his articles and reviews in the LA Weekly forever.  It was the first show of mine he’d ever seen and I was honored that he seemed to “get it.”  I felt so high on everyone’s energy.

I feel like my own low-rent version of Inside the Actors Studio during Q&As. And I’m finding myself becoming more and more honest about how vulnerable I was the last few years of making and touring the show.  I caught myself straight up saying, “I’d bring people into my life who weren’t good for me because making the show left me feeling so scared and lonely.”  It’s true.

I will probably always get teary at Q&As depending on how the conversations go.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.

I’m so glad to see what life on the other end looks like. It’s really amazing to be here.


Two days later, I did an excerpt of the show at UC Riverside.  It was a completely different crowd.  A smaller intimate crowd of students.  And the discussion after focused a lot on mental health.  Everyone stayed to talk.  The counselor who moderated the discussion told me that it’s hard for them to find ways to talk about depression and suicide with students and that she was grateful for this show.

It’s so easy for me to get lost in the craziness of day-to-day survival that I forget why I’m here.  And that my work is important.  And that I came to this life and work for a reason.  And how many people in the world have yet to see what I do.  And that I must continue on.

This week, we finally locked down the sound mix for the Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Concert Film. That’s right.  Finally, some permanence for my work!  The DVD will never match the energy of being at the live show, but I think my director Mike Closson did a pretty fantastic job of capturing the show on DVD.  Can I tell you how totally excited I am that this is coming out?  Can I tell you how grateful I am that Mike Closson came into my life and that he and his wife Nancy believed in me enough to help make this DVD a reality?

Thank you Mike and Nancy.


I’m in an odd place in life now.  It’s weird to own my own home as an artist with such flippy floppy schedules and erratic income streams.    It’s kind of weird to cross over into this stage of adulthood.

But I love it.  To feel worthy.  To be able to take care of myself.  To enjoy privacy and time alone.  I’ve lived so much of my life not having enough, grasping towards someone to fix life for me, always pining for meaning.  That it’s nice to sit for a moment and enjoy this.  To accept this goodness.  To know I am here.  I feel like if I died tomorrow that I’ve done well enough with my life.

And sometimes, that’s the problem.  That if I am this satisfied, what’s left to hunger for?



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A Tall Hot Glass of Shut the F*** Up.

November 9th, 2009

The images in today’s blog showed up when I google image searched for “nothing.”

After a few conversations this weekend among friends, I realize how important it is to take a break from hustling so feverishly. Especially from social networking sites. I know, I know, blogging is good marketing.

I mean, I know that keeping up your tweets is all part of how we show that we’re here and important.

But dude, I’m tired now of living life, then reporting on it, so as to keep people interested in purchasing me as a cultural commodity. And not all things need to go said. And people won’t totally forget me if I stop blogging and updating FB right? At least for a week or two? I mean, will I not be able to make a living if my “pixels get old”?

I was reading in an article in the Huffington Post how to get your free time back. It recommended getting off of Facebook.

I’m going to take break from Facebook and blogging as I take a moment for some inner dialogue.

I also need to study my lines for the four different shows I have this weekend. I need to get situated in what I care about again.

There are four shows this week I’d like to plug. They are listed below…. If you want to know what’s on my mind, come to the shows instead!

November 10, 9:30pm
and November 13, 8pm
Hooray!!! Whoring for Hollywood!
Kristina Wong and D’Lo’s Big Industry Showcase!
Acme Theater in Hollywood
LA Comedy Festival

November 14, 1:30-2:45p (the Quest) 5-6:30pm (the Journey)
Los Angeles Storytelling Festival
Culver-Palms UMC Complex, 4464 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230
(Check website for ticket prices.)

December 2, 7pm
Mass Transit Themed Comedy Show
18th St Arts Complex
1639 18th St.,
Santa Monica, CA

November 15, 6:30- 8:30pm
Kristina does carless comedy for “She Who Laughs Last” Fundraiser for SF WAR
(San Francisco Women Against Rape)
Victoria Theater in Mission District
San Francisco, CA
(Check website for ticket prices.)

See you when I emerge from this great big thought I’m working on by myself. Wish me luck.


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