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The Great Purge: The 100 item challenge!

November 24th, 2008

I am trying to reduce the contents of my apartment by one-half. It’s supposed to be good feng shui, especially for attracting a partner into your life. It also helps align your life for the next great moment. And I need this. I’m not purging to attract a partner though, I’m purging to clean this freaking place up! Yikes! Seven years in West LA yields a lot of crap! I sure have a knack for accumulation.

I am also trying to liquidate assets I do not need. My goal is to come up with $1000 for liquidating my existing assets, and invest that money directly into my friend’s restaurant. Her lenders get an excellent return rate (8% !) and that is much more stable than the stock market.

I signed up for Scottrade a few weeks back. I’ve already lost $70. Screw that crap. Now I know how the Baby Boomers feel, the stock market is unnecessarily emotional. I much prefer investing in something I understand (my friend’s restaurant) than these nameless faceless companies.

So purging and money making. So far… I’ve made $222. It was kind of sad to say good bye to my rollerskates, my dancer pole, and other things that have been unused fixtures in my closets. But if they found their way into my home once, they will find their way in again (when I want them to come in). And I am really loving how the place feels with less crap in it. And yes, it’s actually a lot of work for very little money, but it reminds me how hard it is to make a buck from selling your old crap.

I decided today to post 100 items online between Craigslist and (And yes, sadly, I have even more items to shed). And each time something sells, I will find something else to sell. So that at all times I am poised to move 100 items out of this place at a time. It took forever. But once I started to post items up, I was hooked.

By the way, now Craigslist is a lot easier to use because you have to have an account to sell. And reposting a listing is easier.

Now whether or not people would buy any of the things I’ve posted remains to be seen…

Join me in the great purge! Find 100 things in your home that you would be willing to give up.

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I spent $215 to make my teeth all pretty for you this weekend.

October 2nd, 2008

Just wanna let folks know I went to see the dentist. Not the free dentist but a good guy named Dr. Sakakura that came recommended by my friend Aika. And now my tooth is all fancy and fixed and no more food gets stuck back there.

Here is my photo album of my dentist visit.

The show closes this weekend. We shoot it tomorrow for camera so I have to get my beauty sleep.

Here’s the latest review from the LA Weekly.

GO! WONG FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST Performer Kristina Wong opens her one-woman show under the pretense that she will, in an ­earnest yet fun-loving fashion, explore the cultural phenomenon of high rates of suicide and depression among Asian-American women. She then proceeds to fail spectacularly at this task, spiraling into a miasma of pseudoacademic theory and her own expression of identity. So what purports to be an entertaining and educational romp through the oft-trod territory of identity politics dissolves into a humorous and poignant refutation of there being much commonality to the female Asian-American experience at all. Wong’s conclusion is multifaceted and profoundly personal. She eschews indulging maudlin stereotypes while embracing — or maybe even reclaiming — a personal story at the core of every Asian-American woman. Wong’s performance is quick and controlled, allowing her to slowly unveil her portrait of madness with such skill, we barely realize it’s happening. Miles Memorial Playhouse, 1130 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica; Fri.-Sat., 8:30 p.m.; Sun. 3 p.m.; through Oct 5. (310) 998-8765. TeAda Productions (Luis Reyes)

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fishing with crackers

July 6th, 2008

Hey riends, my f key is still out, so this update is mostly video and pictures.

Kristina Wong– Fishing with Crackers Videoblog 7/5/08 from kristina wong on Vimeo.
Summing up my day with the redneck dad I never had.

Me showing my rod.

This is what I almost caught except like mine was over two feet long.

Another snook.

Iguana under the house.

This is Larry, my redneck Daddy, casting a net.

An unpublished videoblog from last week.

The Fireworks at the Beach! Right where I am staying.

Shark teeth that are ancient and wash up on the beach. There is also a manatee rib.

A guy caught a shark at sundown. A little baby.

But too small.

I am so lucky.


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The New Tweens

January 26th, 2008

Just another Friday Night blog philosophizing about Ross Dress for Less.

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