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The Launch of Kong Magazine!

July 2nd, 2010

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I tell you… launching a sex and comedy publication FOR WOMEN is no easy feat.  Just ask Jessica Moats (former Art Director of Playgirl Magazine) who has been working non-stop for almost a year to get Kong Magazine off the ground.  Kong rises from the ashes of the now out of print Playgirl Magazine to offer meaty, literary, and well curated sexy content for women readers.

No longer will we have to glean off of porn sites for men to get our rocks off!  Kong is here!   Jessica is a good friend of mine and I’ve gotten to witness how launching a web media publication is about as easy as making a living as a performance artist.  But she did it!  A virtual one woman (with a lot of help) ship!  I’m so proud of her!

Above is just a snippet of the interview I did with Greg Sestero, star of the cult phenomemon “THE ROOM.” A longer one is available and some other articles are available once you get in the site.   Kong is offering a free month of membership so people can check out the site. Use the code “KONG_100607″ to get your free month membership.  The code is only good through 7/21/10, so jump on it!


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RIP Flesh Batons

August 5th, 2008

Just when I was getting used to looking at pictures of human unagi in the comfort of my own apartment…. Playgirl Magazine is folding. One less pillar of a woman’s right to wank to weiner intended for her to wank to has fallen. Now girls will be forced to jerk off to the crappy porn that men make.

I had been a guest contributor for a few of their issues. Perhaps one of the funniest writing assignments ever. Alas… What will I do now with my writing talents and my large body of synonyms for “penis”?

Here is Colleen’s article about it. She’s much more the feminist porn historian than me.

The things I have from Playgirl to remember its legacy by…

– Countless oversized sex toys used in many unsuccessful submissions for from Playgirl’s “What will we do with this crap? Send it to Kristina Wong” excess closet.
– The adventures of the strangest midtown Manhattan business office I ever visited.
– “The Asian Man issue” that never happened but was very well intended and still exists in my soul.
– A filthy mouth that I cannot turn off (I had one before, but it was validated once I could make freelance cash from it).
– An experience with the gayest feminist friendly porn party ever.
– This stand-up set. The first time I did straight stand-up at a stand-up club….

Goodnight sweet hunks. I barely knew you. And now, I must find another feminist porn mag to whore my writing talents to… uh oh… Brother can you spare a dime? Or at least a picture of your third leg?

By the way, switching topics…. the Hip Hop Theater documentary is out. And I found out, plays tonight! I guess I will have to go. Can you spot your friend Kristina in this trailer? I am wearing a light blue tracksuit and will be on the left hand side of the screen.

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Back to work Wong

November 29th, 2007

I must be exhausted from having been in SF for the last three weekends but I’m getting absolutely nothing done this week. Aside from my talk at Cal State San Marcos yesterday I am very slowly slaying my work.

My friend came over and I made her and Luis the plumber watch 2girls1cup.

I kind of wish that I didn’t ask Luis to watch it, because I think he misinterpreted it as a “go-ahead” to tell us all the adult video stories he has in his memory bank. It was a little scary how much he decided to “open up” to us about his knowledge on the subject of enemas, etc.

Anyway, I have a funny story about my talk at the college yesterday. There were all sorts of technical difficulties with my DVD and I found myself vamping a lot as we were fiddling with the technology. One of the students in the class was like, “Hey, so tell us about your time writing for Playgirl.”

And I said something like, “Yeah, it was a really exciting thing for me as a feminist to be part of trying to revive a magazine that could possibly change that women saw their own sexuality and it was exciting to write for a magazine that attempted to create porn for women.”

Then the hole I dug….

“… and yeah… I really wanted to push an Asian man issue to them. Because Asian men in porn are always taking it from behind and it would have been great to have an Asian guy on the cover you know like, here I am. (I gesture) Because there’s this stereotype that Asian men aren’t well endowed and that’s not really true you see…. um…. um….”

I turn red. The class of 60 students starts to laugh.

“…um… so, back to the DVD I was trying to show you.”

The nice thing about the San Diego gig was stopping in San Clemente for a lunch by the sea.

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My Empire is Coming.

April 11th, 2007

I got into Chicago from Philly this morning after staying up all night. Sleepwalked to a cab, got dropped off at Anida’s at 7am and passed out for a few hours on her couch.

Now I’m at a cafe and already gearing up for going home. This Friday I’m finally home! Tomorrow I do excerpts of my work at DePaul and show some stuff on DVD. And also while out here I’ll be checking out some male strip clubs for a travel article for Playgirl. We are going to a place called “The Lucky Horseshoe” tomorrow– it’s free to get in and features tons of hot male strippers.

I make a living talking about being crazy and looking and writing about dong. It’s a wonderful and funny life. While other people are trading stocks and making companies merge, I am on Anida’s couch on my cell phone asking club owners, “So are the guys all naked or do they wear thongs?”

So what was great about the three day stint in Philly was I got to work with all these amazing artists that I normally don’t get the chance to work with (especially since I work solo so much of the time). It was incredible. We worked together for 24 hours and created a full length show. A GOOD SHOW, in that time. We will put up again in June in New York.

I realized so much that I want to change about my life as an artist after having the inspiring experience last weekend of creating work for the fun of it.

* I need to create more. I need to find more time to do my work and work out creatively. Not just creating huge big projects to tour and “sell” but small stuff for myself and my own creative growth.
* I need to extricate myself from so many discussions about the “business” or “politics” of the art world. A few conversations are ok. But after a while, talking about it at length is draining and unfun. And somebody is always unsatisfied with someone else in the art world. So no need blabbing about it at length.
* I need to “diversify my portfolio” as an artist. Have a bigger arsenal of things that I can do as an artist and human being. This means taking more classes in different arenas, reading more books, and getting better at doing different things.
* I need to find more time for me and more time for my friends. Rewards are great.

I’ve decided that when I am back in LA I’m going to reward myself with morning bike rides to the beach, a facial and massage, and spend some days doing nothing but watching TV and crafting. My friend Traci and I were even talking about taking a pole dance class together!

The free time isn’t going to last too long. And it seems I don’t have much of it. I have some TV show pitches to follow up with, shows in LA and NY to put up, more grants to write, and my site is going in for a massive redesign.

But…It’s so important as artists to remember the importance of making a life, not just a living.


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