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oh god, for some rock cod chow fun with tender greeens

February 19th, 2007

Considering I quit the master cleanse on day 5 last time around, I’m doing pretty good. I haven’t bitched and moan about hunger, and I’m actually about half way through! I don’t crave food as much as I did last time around.

I did find myself looking at food blogs last night.

This is one of the main things I crave during the Master Cleanse. Chinese rock cod with tender greens.

Especially because Chinese New Year was yesterday and had I not been on this damn thing, I would be stuffing my face with this.

What’s great about cleansing this time around is Hel, Elz and my friend Teri are all doing it too. And they are all first time at it.

I’ve been really unproductive otherwise. Time to get to work.

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Golden Showers bring No Flowers

February 16th, 2007

Well, so since this morning it’s all kind of sinking downhill and out of my control. I get my first golden shower ever, and it’s from my cat. And then the day just dwindles into total unproductivity as I follow my cat around the apartment to make sure he won’t have another accident. I’m so sick and tired of this cat. As I was lifting sheets off the bed I could smell some OLD pee smell from some other blankets. I feel like some wretched monster lady and I know I’m not.

This is the thing, my apartment is pretty tidy. It is! Ever since I started working with a housekeeper. When it was messy, he didn’t have accidents like this. I feel like I’m falling apart today. It’s so terrible. I was all empowered and motivated this year and today, it felt like everything fell apart. I’m trying so hard to cling to the details from “The Secret” but can’t. Today, I give up. I’m exhausted.

It probably doesn’t help that I went on the master cleanse today. And that my stomach is totally cramping and I’m getting light headed.

I’m looking at this cat and have no clue what to do with him.

I am turning on comments now for my blog because I feel like such a sad ass lonely cat lady and need to reach out to the world. If people leave mean comments though, I’m going to turn it off.

Please tell me I’m not alone here.

Man, something is just weird about today. Doesn’t feel right. I want to go to bed and do it over tomorrow.

Thanks for listening.

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