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May 7th, 2008

Yet another photo that will keep me single for a long time…

Well, I’ve been spit out of a busy week. I’m happy to be back in LA. Sad to hear about Myanmar. And fighting off headaches that I get when I think about the “Austrian Incest Dad” case. Blech. But Obama is looking up and I’ve just mounted a big poster of him on foam core for my kitchen.

This weekend was really nuts.

On Saturday, I was performing as Fannie and Officer Macgillawongster on the Xin Lu Bus Tour (Ming Ma’s Film Fest on wheels). The bus dropped us off at the DGA right when the Q&A for the sold out “Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown” documentary finished up.

Mind you, I have NOT seen the documentary yet. So there’s no stranger experience than showing up AFTER a documentary screening where several years of your life have been edited by someone else and viewed by the public before you’ve seen it. Sure, I LIVED what they saw. But I am not sure exactly sure WHAT they saw.

It was unreal. Strangers were coming up to me, all wide eyed, like they had known me forever saying things like…

“Thank you so much for your honesty.”

“Your story is incredible. Thank you.”

“It was a great balance to have you in there.”

“It’s so great… about that grant.” (You mean the one I got TWO years ago?)

And the kicker response.

“So… everything’s ok now right Kristina? You are doing ok?”

And I’m like freaking out screaming, “Honest? What do you mean HONEST?!! And what ‘story’ did you all see??! And of course I’m ok! I’m doing great!”

Even friends who had known me forever are coming up to me with this love in their eyes. Like suddenly I’ve become more human to them.

“Oh, Kristina. That was amazing… You came off really well in it.”

Why wouldn’t I have come off well?!?!!

I am still freaked out to watch it. But from what I’ve heard, I am already getting a picture of what “story” everyone saw in the doc. And I seem to be pretty fun to watch. My folks also are interviewed in it and are apparently very funny down to earth seeming. So I am not sure what kind of editing magic Daisy did, but….

What’s funny is that the current Miss Chinatown Court was there and instead of being all annoyed and confused by me as they have been in the past, they were all excited, “Oh hi!! Can we take a picture with you Kristina?!”

Ha! And one of the coordinators of the pageant who I’ve run into many time during my “crashings” gave me his card and we were on IM this morning and he sent me these pictures he took from after the screening. It was pretty funny. He was like, “Yeah, I remember the Chinese Chamber of Commerce were really upset with you.” And I was like, “Yeah, but now you guys love me!”

People have seen me and I haven’t met them or seen what they have seen of me.

It’s all so post modern.

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