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Racism and Hatred is Justified Because the Dragons Say So

March 8th, 2007

I manage to be the busiest gal in the world but after I saw this clip of “Asian Supremecist” Kenneth Eng, I had to post a video response.

First, you have to watch him on Fox.

And now… my response…

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Asian Pacific Islander Nervous Breakdown Month came early this year.

March 5th, 2007

If I can make it through the next two weeks before I leave for Philly, I’ll be ok. I need desperately to book my flights to the East Coast but Orbitz keeps freaking out about me trying to book a 10 flights in one month multi city tour.

Anyway, I am going to work out some stand-up tonight. And then do this thing tomorrow.

I also randomly got recommended by someone at Upright Citizens Brigade (who I never remember meeting) to the casting directors of this reality show for funny women, “Shelarious.” I normally never submit to these things, but this show sounds pretty good and like a ticket out of this touring madness. And they like me. I go in for a callback today. And now I’m finding myself in the throws of chaos trying to figure out how to the hell I’m supposed to be in a reality show when I have the world to take over and an apartment to tame.

This is insane.

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The Glory Land

February 23rd, 2007

After torturing myself for 7 and a half days with no food. I find myself drinking soup.

I’m eating broccoli, very limp soaked broccoli. And beans.

Oh god, it’s so good.

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The Master Cleanse is Making me deluriousssekadfasdf

February 17th, 2007

I had to share. Nothing is getting done today either.

On the bright side, I did figure out from some online research that Oliver probably doesn’t have a kidney problem. He has “territorial anxiety” as evidenced by where he is peeing.

Helena told me about this pet psychic lady who I’m seriously considering checking out because some of our friends swear by her. Apparently she can tell Oliver to stop peeing on my bed, or at least, ask him why he’s doing it so much. And she does it over the phone. But it’s not like I have to put the phone by Oliver’s ear. She talks to me because me and Oliver are psychically connected.

Am I nuts for seriously considering this?

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The newest low

February 15th, 2007

I woke up this morning to Oliver peeing ON me in bed. No joke.

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