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How many more Jeremy Lins are out there?

March 4th, 2012

My newest commentary for Marketplace about Jeremy Lin and the untapped potential everywhere aired on Friday. Click here. Enjoy!  I sorta burnt myself out writing about him.  There might be more commentaries on him though depending how the rest of the season goes or if he responds to my rash of marriage proposals I’ve thrown out on Facebook.

Love, Kristina (who has the untapped potential to be a concert pianist/model/US President/fashion designer)

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Occupy Wall St and Cat Lady

October 28th, 2011

Big freaking news! My new ensemble show CAT LADY is looking super fly and premieres in San Francisco next week at ODC Theater November 4-6!

If you live near Tampa, Fl, we also have a showcase for my esteemed artist colleagues and theater presenters on December 9 at the National Performance Network Annual Meeting!

This show went up in March in Houston, and totally aged me twenty years trying to make.  I will never do a show about depression and suicide again!  I will also never do a show about existential crises and loneliness brought on from aforementioned show!

However!  Whilst sitting in rehearsals this past week I couldn’t help but think… “Damn!  This is genius!”  This show is proof how theater is indeed a living breathing art.  We’re discovering so many layers to words we’ve been saying for months.  Even the cast has remarked how in just a few months, the script sits differently in our bodies.  And with some distance to the work, we’ve been able to fix some holes in the script that I could never quite figure out in March.

Here’s some press from Giant Robot Magazine about the show.  My friend Mouks in Minneapolis also did this write up about me for Asian American Press.

I’m in that “week before a big show” mode where I spend the whole day in bed typing because the work starts and ends when the sun goes down.

In radio life, my commentary on Occupy Wall St aired a few weeks back on American Public Media’s Marketplace show.  I got thrown with a new commentary assignment in the midst of everything and spent most of last night tearing my hair out writing a new commentary about Virginia Rometty, new CEO of IBM. I passed out sideways on my bed.

What I love about being a radio commentator is the timeline moves FAST!  And I have to adapt quickly and learn a lot about the business world in a matter of hours.  It used to be that theater was the immediate response to the world, film was the slow and tedious one.  Now it feels like theater takes forever.

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Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is now on Amazon!

October 8th, 2011

You can now can watch me while wearing nothing but your underwear because I’m now available to the masses in the form of a private home use DVD on Amazon! It’s been three years of getting this baby produced, shot, and edited, but here I am, finally able to answer that annoying question: “Can I watch your shows on DVD?”  Yes you can lazy audiences!  Yes you can!

If you are a teacher, non profit organization or  librarian purchasing this DVD for your campus or community, we have “multi-use license” DVDs for purchase. And we have ways of finding out if you are using our home video in a classroom!  So please honor our work and buy the public use DVD if that’s what you’ll use it for!

I’ve been back in LA for three weeks now and find myself waking up at odd hours not knowing where I am.  The first night I was back I woke up at 4am, looking at pictures of myself on the wall thinking, “How did this hotel get photos of me?”  then I looked down at the cat on my leg thinking, “That cat looks just like my cat.”  I had thought that within my 6.5 weeks of solo traveling in Southeast Asia I’d find myself delirious a la Apocalypse Now not knowing where I was, but for some reason, that only seems to happen at home.  Despite all fears that I’d never make it back, I have. My new Ipad with 2000 new photos is fully in tact.  The casualties of travel are one blue hoody that I’ve owned for seven years, gone somewhere in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Three hours after I landed, I went to the premiere of my film. Here are pictures of the premiere!

Mike made giant knitting needles and created this whole display completed with “knitted green carpet” on the way into the theater!

Even half my show title cut off, still makes me giddy to look at!

This was a trip too.  Me at the AMC?!

The post show talk!  The audience was so great.  I was convinced everyone would have bolted but they stayed and had great questions.  Our reception was wonderful.

I am getting ready now to leave town for a week.  I’ll be doing excerpts of the show live at Virginia Tech and Stanford!

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Grouponaholic kicking the habit

September 26th, 2011

Last weekend, someone told me they were reading my blog and I was like, “You read my blog?! I better update it!” Because all three of you have been checking my blog for updates that you can’t find on my FB Fan page or twitter… I am giving you an update here on my neglected longform blog.

I’ve been back home for nine days.  Still jetlagged and/or perpetually tired and sitting under of an avalanche of work. But I feel happier than ever and more content with my solitude than I ever imagined was possible.  Travel is so great!  I was up last night looking at a map trying to figure out where to go next.

Now I’m occupied with writing commentaries for some fancy websites and Marketplace Radio!

Marketplace aired my story I recorded before I left the day I came back.  It’s about being a Groupon Hussy!  After coming back from Southeast Asia, Groupons seem silly as all of Southeast Asia is like the dollar store gone wild.

Enjoy my radio commentary here! Will post more updates soon I hope!

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I met the person I want to see the world with and her name is me.

August 29th, 2011

Greetings from Hoi An, Vietnam!  I am over three weeks into my trip and just a few days ago finally got into the groove of being a tour bus of one!  With the exception of a few mis-steps, this really has been the trip of a lifetime.  I’m literally walking through poetry.

Most of my updates for this trip have been made via Facebook.  If you aren’t lucky enough to be one of my 3 billion fb friends, here is your stalker friendly update broken into convenient lists of ten (though there is no particular order of importance).  I’ll add photos when I get back to the states.

Most Wonderful Moments of this Trip so Far:

1.  The first 20 minutes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  My friend Anida is there on a fellowship (her invite for me to visit, triggered this whole trip). She  sent a tuk tuk driver for me at the airport.  Cambodia is jawdropping!  Five people on a scooter!  Oxen in the street!  Death wish driving!  It’s the third world straight up!  When I got to Anida’s place, the whole family, including her new baby were there to greet me.  It was joyous.

2.  The Gay Sex show in Bangkok.  That whole rumor about Asian men and small dicks?  So not true!   I have proof!

3.  Riding a bike alone last night in Hoi An, Vietnam and being so captivated by the silk laterns, the quiet, the old buildings, smell of food grilling, and hell notes burning for the dead.  I was in total bliss and peace.  If I could, I would have made out with myself right there.

4.  The Reclining Buddha in Bangkok.  There is a huge manmade two story high, block long Buddha that’s reclining (duh) and the visit is punctuated by the sounds of coin offerings being made!  It’s found music and visual spectacle at once.

5.  The $7 boat tour in Nha Trang, Vietnam by the “Number 4 Boat Tour Company”.  For $7 we got to tour several nearby islands, but more impressive was the crew of the boat!  They fed us this awesome seafood buffet, had a floating bar, played drinking games with us, took us snorkeling, and sang for us.  It was joy.

6.  The Fairy Springs at Mui Ne Beach.  It looks like a mud puddle from photos but it’s actually an ankle high stream of warm running water.  You walk it to the source for 1km (by the way, I am learning the metric system).  It’s like a meditation and at the end is a waterfall (and a Vietnamese boy soliciting you for money)

7. Six hours of massages, facials, sauna, salt baths, scrubs, fish eating dead skin off your feet, buffet and other non-stop pampering at the Regency Hotel spa in Saigon, Vietnam.  Total price?  $34.

8.  Taking Third World Glamour shots in Phnom Penh for $30.  I will have to post these super photoshopped gems  for you see the full kitsch that is the Khmer glamour shot so you can really appreciate this.

9.  The Jungle Temple at Angkor Wat.  Google this, it’s even more amazing in person.

10.  Riding on the back of scooters.  Sometimes with friends or moto drivers.  Sometimes with or without helmets.  Everywhere in Southeast Asia.  It’s a rush and it reminds me: Yep, I’m really here.

What I am learning about myself from this trip.

1.  I’ve made a lot of bad decisions in my life, but deciding to see the rest of the world has made up for all of them.

2. I am glad I’ve cut the dead weight in my life so I could be here now. This dead weight has come in the form of old partners,  bad friends, procrastination and my own negative beliefs.  All that was getting in the way of the dream.

3.  There is a whole wonderful world out there outside of Asian American depression, cats, and being carless in LA (the topics of my last three shows) waiting to be discovered.

4.  Traveling alone is awesome.  As a woman alone, it can be done and done well.  Screw everyone who says traveling solo is lonely.  You get over it once you realize how much fun it is to love yourself and wander wherever you want.

5.  Old friends in faraway places are gifts waiting to be realized.

6. I am so glad to not be married with kids.

7.  I’m falling in love with myself again after three years of self marriage.  The last two years had been getting sour but now we are back on track to hot loving!

8.  I’m totally a first world citizen.  And while grappling with this power which comes at the expense of other people  is often confusing, I am glad to have privilege than not.

9. I want/must  learn how to best use my privilege.

10.  I want to do this “seeing the world” thing every year.  Every chance I get.

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