Wedding Bliss for Jeremy Lin

July 27th, 2014 → Leave a comment

Procrastination combined with romantic obsession is a great combination that’s not helping my play get written any faster.  But love calls.

When I found out last week that Jeremy Lin was moving to Los Angeles to be closer to me, I knew it was a sign to abandon everything and start planning the wedding.

Here is my Kickstarter campaign “I WILL MARRY JEREMY LIN”. I’m raising $5400 to buy two courtside tix (yes, that’s the price of tickets for one game) so I can better woo my man this season.   A contribution of $1 gets you an invite to the wedding!


Here is the wedding page I have set up on THE KNOT. Sign the guestbook!


Here is an improvised poem for Jeremy that I recorded here at Montalvo.



Here I am rehearsing my wedding vows. 


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