FULL EPISODE! Watch Kristina Wong Get Reparations for YELLOW FEVER!

May 4th, 2014 → 20 Comments

 FULL EPISODE:  “I’m Asian American and I want  Reparations for Yellow Fever!”

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Kristina Wong is on a mission to get reparations from creepy white dudes with Yellow Fever, one awkward date at a time.

Tweet with #IAAA and add @mskristinawong so I know you are watching!  This aired on MYX TV (a cable network) two weeks ago!


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20 responses to “FULL EPISODE! Watch Kristina Wong Get Reparations for YELLOW FEVER!”

  1. John Alarid says:

    A friend of mine turned me on to your “REPARATIONS FOR YELLOW FEVER!” I laughed my ass off. I loved it. You’re really good. Really good. I don’t have Yellow Fever but the Asian Flu, whoaaaaa! My wife is Chinese. I’m going to watch it again with her. I can hardly wait to see your reaction.
    Keep up the great work.

    John A

  2. OneFai says:

    This is so funny. I am a Asian man. I don’t like men or women with Asian fever. They really freak me out.

  3. Bill says:

    Sent your way by a friend of yours…. Glad I visited.

  4. that asian girl says:

    LOL were these real men? or were they actors? They were so ridiculous they couldn’t be real…could they?!?!? Omg that ginger guy…bitch please GET OVER YOURSELF! “ni hao” lol no.

  5. Marcia says:

    This is so funny I died laughing so many times! Love your work! Keep going!

  6. […] more voices participate in the dialogue – new friends, old friends, and yes, Kristina Wong of Reparations for Yellow Fever all went on mic with us. We’re eternally grateful for their time, because they brought […]

  7. Adía says:

    OMG this was hilarious. I want to say those guys are unreal but no, I know they exist unfortunately

  8. Hi Kristina, thank you so much for your informed art. I will be stopping in from time to time and would like to interview you if you do interviews. You have my contact information.

  9. […] I just appeared on a London-based television show hosted by Richie Allen and one of the co-producers asked me what would reparations look like and as I began to discuss my ideas on the topic (public policies that eliminate racial disparities), he said that he was Chinese and that Chinese are also subjected to discrimination and that I didn’t answer about Chinese. Unfortunately, after I gave my response on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the article by Ta-Nehesi Coates in The Atlantic, “The Case for Reparations:  An Intellectual Autopsy,” we didn’t have time to go into specific Chinese grievances. Coates’s article can be found here:  http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2014/05/the-case-for-reparations-an-intellectual-autopsy/371125/  I would like to hear from those knowledgeable about Chinese grievances and learn from them.  To continue that conversation, let me state for the record that the global system of colonialism and the Eurocentrism that resulted from colonialism’s policies affected everyone who was touched by it–on both sides. That is the beauty of Fanon’s, Freire’s and José Maria Sison’s writings, the three of whom shifted the thinking and the doing, including academically, on decolonization.  See Kristina Wong’s comedy on Asian reparations: http://kristinawong.com/blog/2014/05/04/full-episode-watch-kristina-wong-get-reparations-for-yellow-… […]

  10. Marcos Correia says:

    I don’t have Yellow Fever (maybe a little), but after this, I totally have Wong Fever.

  11. Grace says:

    Kristina, you are my hero. Long life to you.

  12. Kathy says:

    Hi Kristina, your reparations for yellow fever was so kick-ass! I am an Asian-american woman myself and I just loved loved seeing your personality on camera with these men. there are plenty of jackasses out there, and I find that I am so scared to be myself and tell them to fuck off for fear of hurting their feelings. I admire your humor, your strength and courage to show yourself to the world. Keep on truckin sister! You are so cool, I just want to hug you and thank you for being such an inspiration and making me laugh while you are at it! Thank you so much!!

  13. Terry says:

    Hi Kristina.
    Ur humour is fantastic. Ur irreverence would go over big time here in OZ, please look at touring here with ur show.
    Keep on “taking the piss” , comedians are the conscience of society.
    Terry in OZ

  14. Miriam says:

    Oh my god I love this. Get those reparations, girl!

  15. Bu says:

    This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. I feel bad for that first guy, he wasn’t genuinely a dick, he was just ignorant and old. I’m gonna photoshop an asian vag sideways and see if I can get some craig’s list hits. Your project makes me wonder how much more offensive can it all get. I’m surprised no one walked off in the middle, you trolled them so hard.

  16. Vincey says:

    Kristina, you were hilarious! I can’t wait to show this to my sister, boyfriend and friends! I loved it when you told the ginger to go eat dog shit in Cantonese. Hahaha. Hope to see more of your comedy soon.

  17. […] Kristina Wong’s “I’m Asian American and I Want Reparations for Yellow Fever” (video) […]

  18. […] After we decided on going to a few sites, we also wanted to figure out a way to reflect on our learning and engage with the NAAF discourses. We thought about using music, because Brendan was a musician, in some sort of street performance as a way to draw in passers by to conversations about themes discussed in class, particularly representations (or the lack there of) NA Asian’s in history, stereotypes in movies (Hypersecuality—Shimizu, 2007; and stereotypes and Asian male sexuality; Nyuyen & Tu, 2007, Eng, 2001). However, we realised there probably would not be enough time for Brendan to learn New genres of music, and that a performance such as that would take a long time to organize and it might require permits, and just be too large of a task for the day. So, inspired by Tetsuro’s Youtube clips and comedy we decided to do street style interviews. We all thought of questions to ask people and images to print off. We also looked up images and videos of Anna May Wong, Lucy Liu, and comedy by Margaret Cho and Kristina Wong. One of our favorite videos was Kristina Wong’s “Reparations for Yellow Fever.” […]

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