I’m a Reality TV STAR… Wealth is mine.

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WATCH THE FULL EPISODE of “I am Asian American and want Reparations for Yellow Fever” HERE.

Ah yes,  the topical gift that keeps on giving…. white dudes who love Asian women.  ZZZZZ……… I thought the world was done with this in 2000 when I launched bigbadchinesemama.com.

Had I known this old coat was going to revive my career like it has this past year (two TV appearances, a really awesome new manager in my Hollywood career, several essays gone viral, LA Times Feature, and a bunch of keynote speaking invites), I would have done the dog and pony show earlier!!  Turns out, there’s a lot of places left to go on this topic.  Including an entire reality show episode dedicated to me dating my way to racial reparations– my idea, not the network’s.

I was approached to do this show in January and we shot that same month.  This aired on cable TV last week.  It’s still available to watch online.

I never thought doing reality TV could be so awesomely fun.  AND if I do say so myself, I’m pretty freaking funny.  I knew being obsessed with the whole Flavor of Love Dynasty would pay off!  I’m looking forward to flipping a table and having security people hold me back the next time around.

Here is an interview I did with MYX talking about the whole “reparations” concept and how this figures into my process as an artist.

And to answer your question.  YES.  These are all real guys.  Not actors.  The dates were all a lot longer and awkward than they play out in this 23 minute edit.  And sometimes the producer had to step in and move the date along when I was going to punch the ginger in the face.  But yeah.  Real dudes.

I do this for my craft baby.  And for justice.  And the free food.



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