Pulling Out All the Stops On TV Before Going To Uganda

September 19th, 2013 → Leave a comment


In my first two minutes of being on television last Monday, I managed to do the following:

1. Scream like a Price is Right Contestant who just won the Showcase Showdown.

2. Belly Bump the host.

3. Scream, “I’m on TV!”

4. Say, “White people say a lot of stupid shit.”

And of course… my six minutes in heaven only gets more insane.  TV is a lot of fun and unlike theater, everyone really is trying to make you look good, and can do all sorts of stuff in pre-interviews and editing to make sure of it.

The same day this aired, xoJane ran my essay on “8 Reasons People Of Color MUST Rally For A Long Overdue White History Month”.    (Shocker.  White People think I’m ruining their lives.)

I have so many more pictures and thoughts. But I’m trying to stave off a nervous breakdown right now.  I am back in LA frantically trying to pound out two grant applications and pack for a five week tour of Africa.  I am not prepared at all.  Right now I have a pile of hand sanitizer on my dining table and that’s it.

I just booked an Airbnb place in Istabul for my long layover trip.  I really hope I pull this off.  My shoulder hurts from stress.  At least I’m a TV star.

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