Mrs. Jeremy Lin: A Wedding Album.

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On the way to my wedding/”wedding.”  I look so for reals!  Eat your heart out Cindy Sherman!


It’s been a month since my wedding to J.Lin and here are the archives.   Little things like a proposal, a ring, or even actually meeting Jeremy Lin in person weren’t going to stop me… I put destiny in my own hands. I borrowed a Quincenera dress  from my friend Byron, wrangled up my bridal party from my Facebook friends hours before, and I showed up dressed to wed at the movie premiere of “Linsanity” at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival.  I was so nervous, but so happy that I pulled this off!  Despite a dumb goon saying really rude things to me while he was “working” the red carpet (more on that below)– I managed to get a lot of good video and archives of my wedding day. 

 First, Channel 18:


Then we made the news in Taiwan!


And then We made the Chinese Language News!


It’s a pretty good life when you can upstage actress Bai Ling.  She’s a sweetheart. She came to see my show “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest a few years ago.”  She also makes paperclips look small.

Did Jeremy make it in person to his LA film premiere?  Nope, but his cardboard cut-out did.  And I’ll take two dimensions over none any day!

Here I was a few months ago flirting with Jeremy Lin from the nosebleed seats at a Clippers/Rockets game. When he didn’t notice, I knew I had to up the ante.  Btw, basketball games are SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE.


I shared the pictures from my wedding day with my mother.  She seems to not have realized that the ship has sailed on the “Kristina doesn’t come across as crazy” boat.


*** And now, a diatribe on BS elitism at Asian American cultural events.

If you will take note in the video there is a red carpet goon leering behind me.  After the above interview, a whole line of press wanted to take pictures and interviews of me.  Because, no surprise! I was the most interesting thing there that day!   This goon literally threw his body in front of the cameras and blocked me from getting interviews then shouted out, “She isn’t supposed to be here!” 

I’m not supposed to be there?  OUCH.

Yes, it’s true, what I lack in big sweeping commercial success, I make up for in original work that apologizes to  nobody.  I’m an artist who has made it on my own without any big corporate validation.  But to say that I don’t belong there, at the Opening Night of a Festival of an organization that I’ve supported for over a decade is insulting and rude.

My short films have been presented at this festival for years, I volunteered my time to put together a children’s program for three years for this festival, helped scan and edit photos for Linda Mabalot’s Memorial (VC’s first executive director), I have donated hundreds of dollars over the years to the organization, and still paid full price for their opening night tickets (unlike anyone who walked the carpet).  Somehow, this is still not enough to belong.  As wild as my antics are, I am not hurting anybody.  And certainly don’t need to be treated like garbage by this goon.

So what qualifies someone as worthy of walking a lame red carpet at an Asian American Film event?  A speaking role in a two star action movie?  Being validated by big corporations? Making safe forgettable work?  This is why so much Asian American art doesn’t progress.  Because it’s so obsessed on emulating the mainstream instead of having its own totally unapologetic voice.

I did scream in his face:  “I’m a famous performance artist!  Just because I didn’t have two lines on a TV pilot that got cancelled, means I don’t deserve to be here?!”  His face turned white, he still ushered me out.   And yes, it’s extremely hard to keep a straight face when screaming, “I am a famous performance artist!” but I managed.

This is why I always arrive on the red carpet.  Invitation or not.  Because if you are going to be the revolution, you can’t wait for the Evite.


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  1. Erin says:

    I love you, Kristina Wong!!! Especially loved the text from your mom. haha.

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