The Joy Dunk Club and Headed to Europe!

March 1st, 2013 → Leave a comment


I was a guest on “The Joy Dunk Club” yesterday and the video above is proof (jump to 21:26 to see me).   Somehow there exists a whole web talk show dedicated to Jeremy Lin.  And somehow they caught wind that I was obsessively obsessed with him and invited me to hijack half the show.   The broadcast is straight from my bathroom.   I do believe the host when he tells me my visit made for the funniest episode they ever had.  Humor can only wane if you’ve been doing hour long shows in a Google Hangout talking about one guy for so long.

Yes, last night was indeed a career changer.

I’m headed to Europe!  I have show dates in Manchester and later in London (thanks to a twitter fan who set up a night for me!).  The paperwork required to work in another country is INSANE.  I will be traveling through Berlin and Amsterdam as well.  Having just caught my breath the 6 weeks in LA and got into a rhythm, it’s a little bittersweet to be leaving again, so quickly.  But I knew I had to take advantage of extending this trip.  I don’t get to go abroad enough.  And I have a feeling this will really knock my socks off.


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