The Final Meow in Miami!

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I have been in Miami almost one full month!  The show has been going over so well and we close this weekend! This audience really gets me!!  The reviews have been fantastic, but the feedback from the audience is even more interesting.  A lot of audience members say things like, “I can’t believe you share yourself like this every night!” And people just really seems to get the themes in the show– the loneliness, the inability to feel like you can participate in “real life,” that sometimes there feels like there is a choice between living inside art and life.

Read the Rave Reviews from the Critics!

“You never know what to expect!” ~ Jesse Leaf ~ Around Town

“This Cat Lady purrs!” ~ Bill Hirschman ~ Florida Theatre On Stage

“Entertaining Olio! ~ Marj O-Neill-Butler ~ miamiARTzine

“Rules-be-damned!” ~ Christine Dolen ~ Miami Herald

“Everyone needs to see CAT LADY!” ~ Happymamatravels

“Laugh your head off!” ~ Neil de la Flor ~ KnightArts

“Offbeat!” ~ Hap Erstein ~ Palm Beach Arts Paper


I’m not sure if it’s my sobriety or what… but this is the tamest trip to Miami I’ve ever had.  No hook-ups! No coke binges! No bodies in back alleys!  Where am I? Dejavu, I think I said that of my last trip to Miami.   That trip was Hedonism compared this one.    Now that I don’t drink, I just find myself staying out of trouble by working pretty hard here, taking a lot of naps when I can’t stare at the computer any longer.  When I leave here I will have taken yoga class for 20 straight days!  Talk about fulfilling some serious New Years resolutions!  As much as I’m hating the monotony of yoga, it’s like my body doesn’t know a day without it.

I wrote an essay that xoJane published about my experimental year in sobriety.  The user comments are a trip– everything from people telling me I’m an alcoholic to calling the essay drivel (because of my first paragraph) to telling me to drink again.  Oh world!  Admittedly, I did write the piece projecting myself as much more conflicted about whether or not to drink again (Hey!  It makes for more interactive responses)!  I feel pretty clear that for now, I’m probably not going to booze up anytime soon.   As much fun as my life was when I drank, I actually can’t imagine drinking that way again.  And holy crap my skin has really cleared up this year!  I gained a bit of weight which is weird though.

I am proud to say I’ve met 2 out of 3 of my writing goals for my time out here– the xoJane essay and another essay proposal for The Los Angeles Atlas Project.  The unmet goal was to write a book proposal for “Going Green the Wong Way” but that was just too difficult to wrap my head around while working on this show.  When I get back to LA it will be for over a month!  I’m so excited!  It will go by so fast and then BAM!  I’ll be living out of a suitcase.

I’ve pretty much been on the road since July.  I just want to feel at home.


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