Final video updates from the great New England Tour!

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In the last 96 hours, I’ve been in a whole lot of transit from the Northeast, to cross-country flights, to seven hour car rides.  I passed out today in San Francisco.  When I woke up my mother asked if I was ok and pointed out that I had gained weight.  I have.  I’ve been at 155 for a while now, though I still see a skinny little girl in the mirror (Yay! for disillusioned body dismorphia!).  Something about this age has made the weight just sort of climb on in.  But two months ago, people asked me if I had lost weight.  I don’t know.  I must say that at the end of that tour, at this point of my life, I’m probably the happiest and most well adjusted I’ve ever been.  If being 155 pounds has something to do with it.  AWESOME.

Enjoy these videos from our last day on the road!

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Our video update where I show off all the toiletries I took plus me blabbing about Magic Mike.

We made this music video in the hotel room!

The irony is not lost on me that in the touring of a show about the environment, we drove over 1500 in a not-so-fuel efficient rental car.  That I flew across the country, spewing out more carbon emissions.  That we took full advantage of New Hampshire’s no sales tax, and bought an ungodly of new wardrobe items, many which were not manufactured locally.  Ate excessively, not locally sourced food.  That over one month, I took eight pounds  (yes, I weighed them) of hotel toiletries, coffees, and the occassional loofah, which are excessively packaged, and which I have no immediate use for.  What can I say?  My politics have layers.

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