I’m Making a New Show and Need your Support– “The Wong Street Journal”

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I'm sharing this wedding photo with me and Zucky the billionaire because I'm making a new show about the global economy.

I’m making another show and I’m asking for your money… again… I know…

If you want to skip all the explaining, you can throw your tax deductible donation to this link via Paypal by October 31 and it will be matched 1:1 by an ARC-MGP grant!

What’s the New Show?
The Wong Street Journal combines self-skewering personal narrative with theatrical reimagining of heady economic theory to illuminate the overwhelming issues of global poverty. Kristina Wong will parallel the journey of being a self-taught/self-absorbed hack economist, with the desire for self-importance as nurtured by third world tourism. She will cross jazzercize with both ancient and contemporary economic theories to inspire her own brand of “Wongonomics” while exploring microloans, “volun-tourism,” “humanitarian design,” NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and other modes of first world engagement with the developing world and how these modes are structured for the experience of self-satisfaction of the first world patron. The piece will most likely be staged as a solo theater piece integrating puppetry, large-scale video montage, and PowerPoint imagery.

What are you spending my money on Kristina Wong?
This part of the funding will support the development phase of this project.  I plan to embark on a six-week research trip to sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. I will observe the impact of micro-credit programs and NGOs on local economies in developing communities and villages, and will engage with local residents through volun-tourism programs. Following the research trip, I will undertake a 3-month writing and script development period.

I'm going to get to the bottom of Global Poverty in this new show.

Why are you asking me for money when I just gave you money a few months ago?
Trust me, I’m tired of asking for money.  I am asking you NOW (rather than two years from now) because I have been selected to be part of a pilot round of the ARC Matching Gift Program that ends on October 31.  Any money I raise from individual donors (up to $5000) from now until October 31 will be matched 1 to 1!  What’s great is I do not have to raise any minimum.  I can raise $1 and be matched $1 and if that’s all I raise, so be it!   But it would be nice to raise all $5000, to receive the full potential of the match.  All donations are tax-deductible.

Can’t you get one of those grants or something instead of all this beggary?
This matching grant opportunity is “one of those grants” you speak of.   Here’s the raw dirt on how I make my living as an artist:   I tour my shows and strategically rent out my home when I am away.  I also cut costs by not owning a car in LA.   I save up what I make so I can afford the time to make new work.  A project like this would take quite a lot of tours for me to save up for.  Until I receive a big fellowship– I am graciously accepting your individual donations.

What do I get for giving?
Aside from my eternal gratitude… you get STUFF!  I still owe folks perks for my last Kickstarter campaign, so I’m trying to streamline the perks for this fundraiser to being things I know I can offer and execute sooner than later.    You can also accept no perks for your donation.

$25- Thank you credit in the program

$50- DVD of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

$100- Handmade doll (personalized with your initials)

$150- handsewn vagina puppet (can be made to look like you!)

$200- One hour of consultation time for whatever you want from me by Skype, phone, or in person.

$250- Handsewn replica of your pet of favorite person.

$500- Pick one perk above, and I will put you in my show (slipping your name in the script) somehow.

I’m totally flexible, if you want to suggest something that is neither illegal nor will make me cry.


I’m in!  How do I get my money to you by October 31 so you can get the match?
You can make a donation at this link.  All donations will be made to the “Center for Cultural Innovation” who will process the grant match.  If you aren’t able to donate    All donations are tax-deductible.


Thank you everyone~

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