This is the kind of week that makes it all worth it.

November 3rd, 2011 → Leave a comment

I was asleep in my childhood bed in San Francisco this morning when my mother burst open the door and screamed, “You are on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle!”  And there I was, my sad little Cat Lady face, next to an even sadder caption… “The Single Life.”  So awesome!  Basically $5000 worth of a free singles ad, ahem… cover page story for my show.

My parents are being so nice to me this morning because I’m in the paper.  My mother is beaming.  My father cooked my breakfast.  I AM HAPPY for the first time in weeks.  And I’m feeling like all this lonely crap work of getting a theater show up is worth it!  Three years of fundraising, 21 drafts, and many days shut in crying trying to figure out why the hell I was doing with this show…. REALIZED.

We open tomorrow!! The set looks amazing. The ODC Theater is fantastically gorgeous.  It’s really a wonderful wonderful life right now.  All year, I keep thinking: This is it.  I’m too old for making theater. Why am I making theater if I live in LA?  This is my swan song year. Why?! Why?! But when I’m crawling around on my knees in kitty litter onstage, hearing my writing performed by actors, and looking out into the seats during rehearsals, that old addiction of live theater work comes back to me!

My crazy idea of connecting cat ladies to pick-up artists.  I’ve manifested it!  All the crappy relationships and non relationships I’ve had the last five years– made pretty with art!  And people are telling me they are excited about coming!  I am excited about being here for them.


By the way, earlier this week Marketplace aired my commentary on IBM’s new woman CEO.  It’s heavily edited from what I originally recorded, and even that version was heavily edited before recording by the producers.  The best line that will never make it to air was… “Speaking of health care, how about allowing women, to have penis attachment surgery, so that they no longer make 77 cents to every dollar their male counterparts get for the same work?”

Oh, that cutting room floor.  So much gold to be found.

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