Occupy Wall St and Cat Lady

October 28th, 2011 → Leave a comment

Big freaking news! My new ensemble show CAT LADY is looking super fly and premieres in San Francisco next week at ODC Theater November 4-6!

If you live near Tampa, Fl, we also have a showcase for my esteemed artist colleagues and theater presenters on December 9 at the National Performance Network Annual Meeting!

This show went up in March in Houston, and totally aged me twenty years trying to make.  I will never do a show about depression and suicide again!  I will also never do a show about existential crises and loneliness brought on from aforementioned show!

However!  Whilst sitting in rehearsals this past week I couldn’t help but think… “Damn!  This is genius!”  This show is proof how theater is indeed a living breathing art.  We’re discovering so many layers to words we’ve been saying for months.  Even the cast has remarked how in just a few months, the script sits differently in our bodies.  And with some distance to the work, we’ve been able to fix some holes in the script that I could never quite figure out in March.

Here’s some press from Giant Robot Magazine about the show.  My friend Mouks in Minneapolis also did this write up about me for Asian American Press.

I’m in that “week before a big show” mode where I spend the whole day in bed typing because the work starts and ends when the sun goes down.

In radio life, my commentary on Occupy Wall St aired a few weeks back on American Public Media’s Marketplace show.  I got thrown with a new commentary assignment in the midst of everything and spent most of last night tearing my hair out writing a new commentary about Virginia Rometty, new CEO of IBM. I passed out sideways on my bed.

What I love about being a radio commentator is the timeline moves FAST!  And I have to adapt quickly and learn a lot about the business world in a matter of hours.  It used to be that theater was the immediate response to the world, film was the slow and tedious one.  Now it feels like theater takes forever.

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