Grouponaholic kicking the habit

September 26th, 2011 → Leave a comment

Last weekend, someone told me they were reading my blog and I was like, “You read my blog?! I better update it!” Because all three of you have been checking my blog for updates that you can’t find on my FB Fan page or twitter… I am giving you an update here on my neglected longform blog.

I’ve been back home for nine days.  Still jetlagged and/or perpetually tired and sitting under of an avalanche of work. But I feel happier than ever and more content with my solitude than I ever imagined was possible.  Travel is so great!  I was up last night looking at a map trying to figure out where to go next.

Now I’m occupied with writing commentaries for some fancy websites and Marketplace Radio!

Marketplace aired my story I recorded before I left the day I came back.  It’s about being a Groupon Hussy!  After coming back from Southeast Asia, Groupons seem silly as all of Southeast Asia is like the dollar store gone wild.

Enjoy my radio commentary here! Will post more updates soon I hope!

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