A San Francisco Homecoming

July 15th, 2011 → 1 Comment

I’m here in San Francisco where Going Green the Wong Way opened last night.  July is a weird time to do a show in any city, so a one weekend run is even more tricky to rope in an audience.  Because CAT LADY also plays in San Francisco in November at ODC Theater, we agreed with ODC that we’d to do a “low key” marketing plan for the show this weekend to not detract audience from coming to November’s show (this is a common agreement in live theater that performers not do other shows within a certain timeframe of a show date).

But “low key” marketing doesn’t pack theater so I find myself making up for lack of major press by posting on the Facebook walls of everyone I know who lives in San Francisco to come to the show.  Most of them from high school.  It’s trippy to see profile picture after profile picture of babies and toddlers as I rapidly cut and paste a hello and link to the ticket page.

I feel slightly disingenuous as I cut and paste on the walls of people who I barely talked to in high school who through the friendship hoarding of Facebook am now allowed to spam.

But it worked, because last night was packed!

Last night was crazy!  I missed my high school reunion and it was like this whole life reunion came in on me.  Friends from middle school, high school, college and adult life all came out. I had drinks with folks I did theater with in high school.  It was like nothing changed.  I think the 30s is a good time to see people because I don’t have anything to prove anymore.

Press from the SF BAY GUARDIAN!

In other news, I’m loving the life of being a national radio commentator. My story on Carmageddon aired on Marketplace two days earlier than scheduled and it’s archived online here.  I am at 17:07 of the broadcast.

It’s great!  People from other parts of the country all wrote or called that they heard me!  I haven’t had that experience in a while since my work of late is so analog.

This is such a fun way to come home.  A lot of work though.

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  1. Todd Bringhurst says:

    Christina, I reallyyyyyyy enjoyed your article in Market Place concerning Carmaggedon. I’m inspired! Having lived in Europe for a few years (Romania to be precise) i was soooooooo happy w/ all the public transportation there. In Romania, most of it was cheap. I can relate to your woos in the LA area. Happily, @ present I live in a small city where you can walk to lots of places.
    Thanks for your “green” spirit. I’ll be reading more of your adventures. Todd B.

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