Going Back to the well.

June 28th, 2011 → Leave a comment

As if I didn’t shake my audience/ friend base down for enough money ($7500+) last year to put up CAT LADY, I am now doing another online fundraiser for another show which touches down in San Francisco in two weeks!  Unlike other shows which are usually presented by theater companies, universities, or museums, this one will rely on ticket sales!  Yeowks!

However, I have an offer from a big ticket donor who challenged me to raise $1500 from individual donors.  If I can do that, she’ll make a 2-to-1 match!  Giving me a $4500 budget to put up the show!  Woo hoo!  So far I’ve made over half my goal.

Even if you can’t give, at least watch the video which stars the chickens!

To get this fundraiser going, I’m giving a handsewn doll to all $50 contributions made in these last few days of June!

Other than the non-stop work, I’m enjoying the eggs the chickens are laying.  The last few days they’ve been laying deformed shell-less eggs.  🙁

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