A brief break from FrancoGate

March 11th, 2011 → 3 Comments

Thanks to Jezebel picking up the wee little story I thought I was just sharing among cyberfriends, I’ve gotten a lot of unexpected attention!   I even got a few writing offers from some major magazines who spotted the story.   Seems James Franco dissing me is the best thing to ever happen to my non-career.   Thanks James!  I need more A-list celebs to diss me ASAP!

While I still have the attention of strangers, I wanted to share the new trailer of my show Going Green the Wong Way which I premiered last November in Miami.  Mike Closson did a fabulous job with the trailer!  The show is ready to book y’all!


My show CAT LADY premieres in two weeks in Houston. Also, my Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest DVD (for home use only) is available on pre-order!

In the meantime, if you can donate blood, please do and help out our friends in Japan.  They need our prayers and help now.

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3 responses to “A brief break from FrancoGate”

  1. Andrew says:

    I walk in LA. :-/ I don’t own a car.
    Grad school is why I can’t have nice things, but I like to pretend I am helping the environment (and produce an air of smug self-importance while doing so).

  2. […] her: “Thanks James! I need more A-list celebs to diss me ASAP,” she dishes from her “A brief break from Francogate” […]

  3. […] The wannabe-artist Francster had dissed Wong’s commencement address at the UCLA English Department graduation minutes before snapping a photo with her. Wong is an accomplished multi-disciplinary artist with more grants and honors to her name than fake artist Franco will ever amass. But things have been looking up for Wong since the overrated actor insulted her: “Thanks James! I need more A-list celebs to diss me ASAP,” she dishes from her “A brief break from Francogate”post. […]

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