Dear James Franco, Hell hath no fury like a Wong scorned.

March 3rd, 2011 → 74 Comments

I could have hosted the Oscars in my sleep.  Apparently, that’s what James Franco tried to do.

Call this my “Michelle McGee/ Tiger Woods Mistress moment.” I’d like to reveal that I too, Kristina Wong, am a woman scorned by a celebrity.  I’ve held this secret from the paparazzi for a couple years but what better time than the week after the Oscars for my personal celebrity exposé?  I didn’t watch the Oscars last Sunday, I’ve been on a bit of a James Franco boycott for the last two years while rest of America has been all over his nutsack.

Why am I on a James Franco fast?  Flashback to April 2008.  I am at the peak of touring Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (in case you are just joining me in Wongland, WFOTCN was my show about depression and suicide among Asian American women that I have been touring since 2006).  In a hotel room in Amherst, Massachusetts, I get an email from UCLA (my alma mater) inviting me to give the commencement speech at the English Department Graduation.  Of course this was a huge surprise as I barely remember being an English major.   College was like a washing machine of post-traumatic stress, dry humping opportunities that just fell out of reach, and drunken nights/months that all became fodder for the shows I make today.  Apparently, UCLA found my awkwardness/ achievements noteworthy enough to share with the graduating class of 2008 and their loved ones.

I accepted the invitation enthusiastically even though I was scheduled to be at the Hermitage Retreat in Florida that same time.  The residency was on the Manasota Key, two hours from the Sarasota airport.  It was quite the endeavor to get off the island and to the airport to fly back to LA to give this speech–  but this was a huge honor, and I was going to take it, even if it meant a precious week at my artist retreat would be spent tearing my hair out to write said speech and zig-zagging back and forth across the country to deliver it.

Writing that commencement speech was no easy task.  I deliver goofiness, self-deprecation, and cynicism for a living, so trying to parlay that into a “here’s some inspiration as you embark into the world” motivational mastery is completely counter to my style.  My old tricks would not be welcome.  I couldn’t plug in my overhead projector at the lectern or whip objects out of my metaphorical vagina.  I contemplated plagiarizing my speech from the internet but unlike fellow commencement speakers JK Rowling, Conan O’Brien, and Ali G– I didn’t have a well known celebrity persona to subvert.   I couldn’t self-deprecate to a crowd that had no context for me.   I couldn’t even grab their attention with a superficial list of IMDB credits.

This was public speaking straight up.   Twelve drafts, several frantic cross-country phone calls and five bottles of wine later, I penned my speech.  I fly 6 hours to LA, slip on the mortarboard and gown they rented for me, and sit among my old professors where we look like a chamber meeting of Harry Potter wizards.

They introduce me to a crowd of thousands and it’s speech time! I approach the podium like a hip-hop star as Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” blasts through Pauley Pavillion.  I get everyone cheering and screaming for themselves, their lovers and fathers (Graduation fell on Father’s Day).  I introduce myself as an independent artist who while not wealthy or well known, believes that I am helping people’s lives by provoking dialogue on social issues mainstream media doesn’t touch.   I describe how like so many protagonists of American literature, I broke through the expectations of a robotic overachieving life.  I make the connection between the Bard and how I freelanced for a porn magazine (Playgirl) for a year.  I got life-coachy like Marianne Williamson, pumped everyone up to vote for Obama, and then gave out my phone number at the end.   I was awesome.

After the speech, nobody throws me the finger.  There were cheers and laughs—lots of them.  There were kudos from old professors.  And as the kids file out into the world, a few of them shake my hand to tell me I did a great job.  Some even take pictures with me. My parents had come down from San Francisco and were proud too.  It was that defining moment where my Chinese parents acknowledged that this crazy “artist life” thing I chose was the right choice.

As the students and their families disperse into the rest of their lives, my father insists I take a picture with one of the more famous graduates of the class of 2008 standing only a few feet away– James Franco.  I didn’t even know who James Franco was more than “the evil guy from Spiderman.”   High from the speech I gave and its reception, I comply with my father to take a picture with Franco.

My father and I walk towards Franco.  He is mid-conversation with the woman who invited me to speak.


FRANCO: Next year, I want to give the commencement speech.

MY HOST: Maybe in a few years. Not the year after you graduate.  Next year is too soon.

FRANCO: The speaker this year… She was ok… I wasn’t that impressed by it.  It wasn’t very good.

(I don’t have verbatim what he said, but I KNOW he says something in this ballpark of my speech not being good.)

My father, oblivious to what Franco is saying, taps Franco’s shoulder.

FATHER: Can my daughter take a photo with you?

Franco turns and sees me, right there in earshot, he keeps his cool like he wasn’t just smacktalking me.  I’m horrified, and kind of embarrassed that I’m standing in front of someone who is famous and doesn’t even respect me.


He throws his arm around me.  I’m thinking:  “Did I just hear that?”

KRISTINA: Hi.  Um… You are more famous than the Bruin Bear apparently.

FRANCO: Nice speech!

(There is a tinge of patronization in his voice.)

We take the above photo.  I leave the campus still high from the experience, but really stunned and slightly soured by what I think I just heard.


Fast forward through the next year.  Friends ask me how my speech went but the memory is forever dampened by how the one celebrity in attendance put my speech down—IN FRONT OF THE WOMAN WHO INVITED ME—IN FRONT OF ME.  I find it sad that it should have been a great day of celebration and triumph for James Franco, yet he had no family around him, and instead of enjoying and embracing the accomplishment of finishing college, he is already nominating himself to be next year’s speaker.  Could it not wait until we at least left the pavilion? Could he at least take a second to enjoy seeing off his colleagues?  Could he at least wait for an invitation to speak?  No.  He was pushy and arrogant.  And maybe that’s how he gets ahead.

For the next year, I was the woman scorned by the celebrity who I didn’t even know.  At social settings, in the newspaper, on TV—it was like the whole world couldn’t stop fawning over James Franco:  “Oh he’s so smart.  Oh he wrote a book.  Oh he’s so cute!  Oh he’s in movies…. oh oh oh!”

I wanted to scream and tear down the news stands!  “He’s also two-faced and arrogant!  And he hurt my feelings!!”

As a performer, I know that you can’t please everyone.  I especially know that my work sometimes finds more enemies than friends and I wouldn’t be in the field I’m in if my goal was to make every person happy all of the time..   But I’d be lying if I said it was easy to brush off the James Franco incident.  It got to me into a year of negative self tallk:  If someone would go as far as to badmouth me to my host, minutes after the ceremony… then I must really have been that bad?  If a famous person didn’t like the speech then maybe I don’t ever deserve success?

It was all the making of crazy talk.  What did keep me going was that a few of the students who graduated did contact me during the year by email and offered compliments.  Thank you to those of you who sent me unsolicited notes throughout the year.

In June 2009, I read an article about how James Franco “bowed out” of doing the UCLA’s Letters and Science Commencement speech because of “conflicts with a shooting schedule.”  Somehow, he was able to leapfrog past speaking at the “lowly” English Department graduation, straight to Letters and Science graduation in the football field.

I guess the hassle of getting across the world to accept an “invitation” paled in comparison to having a big fancy movie to rehearse for.  What really seems to be the reason he bowed out is that the students (many who were his classmates the year before) didn’t feel that he had much of the world under him (post-degree) to really offer any insight as a “former UCLA graduate.” Students even created a Facebook campaign for him to not speak.  They rallied against him speaking at their graduation and won.    It confirmed to me that I did overhear Franco talking smack.  And that he was the kind of guy that would bully his way to the top.

And that’s it.  That’s the story of how my hard work as a community worker and artist got badmouthed by an A-list celebrity that people love so inexplicably.    The reviews he got for his performance hosting the Oscars?  Sweet Justice.

You heard it here first.

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74 responses to “Dear James Franco, Hell hath no fury like a Wong scorned.”

  1. alum says:

    franco sucks. i tried to read one of his short stories; the nauseating thing wasn’t even short enough for me to finish it. so what that he got his teeth fixed to look like chiclets. franco sucks. plus, he shares the moniker of a spanish fascist dictator. 127 hours was just his extended head shot or “franco looks in the mirror” session. heal your heart. don’t give a damn what he thinks… if he even does.

  2. Agreed says:

    Be glad you are who you are–he isn’t worthy to even carry your bookbag. He is a number one douche, cares for no one but himself, stays on either an ego trip or else throws himself a pity party. He is exactly what we all saw at the oscars. Karma is a b*tch and he has just entered the onramp to Karma-land. I for one will be watching with glee at “sweet justice” continually being served to this jerk, one steaming bowl after another.

  3. Steve De says:

    Eff him. WONG FOREVER!!!!

  4. H.C. says:

    But if you watch 127 hours in reverse, it’s a lovely story about a man who found an arm in the desert 😛

  5. Ana says:

    I’m sure after his horrible performance at the Oscars, he will never be invited to speek at any graduation…. EVER!. Karma is a Bitch Fucker!

  6. Cynematic says:

    LOL H.C.!

    Yeah, once he lifted up the rock, the arm was just calling out, “Take me, you arrogant asshole, I’m yours!”

  7. Juana Chavez says:

    I’ve seen your work. You’re amazing! If he doesn’t appreciate your brilliance, he’s a fool.

    I’m not trying to brag or anything, but my mom Dolores Huerta was awarded the UCLA Medal, UCLA’s highest honor at the 2009 Commencement. She’s way more accomplished than me, but we have the same tastes. She’d love your work and would totally appreciate how you’re helping people’s lives by provoking dialogue on social issues.

    She shared the stage with Linkin Park’s Brad Delson. He was humble, hilarious, and inspiring. I’m glad we saw him instead.

    Thanks for the pussy! My hubby loves it;-)

  8. Keef says:

    Excellent, Kris!! The Oscars were a snooze!! That punk-ass!

  9. yo mama says:

    you are the only one worth reading at 3 a.m. CST!
    Down with arrogant bastards!
    Up with Wong=ster!

  10. AYOO says:

    I agree. You are the only one worth reading at 5am PST!

    I saw your performance and you made a lasting impression on me. As for Franco, I don’t remember what he did at the The Oscars.

    You Rock!

  11. Jeannette says:

    You’re starting to sound like an artist friend of mine (

  12. Anastasia says:

    I’m sorry Franco hurt your feelings and undermined your joy at such a precious moment that should have been a pure celebration of your wit, sharp intellect, and creative generosity. You are a rock star to recover from that – I would have had to hire Marianne Williamson as my full-time body/aura guard for a year to come back from a crap moment like that.
    I’ll take Dolores Herta’s daughter’s endorsement any day over a privileged movie star who’s out of touch with working people and artists in the trenches who are moving the culture forward.
    Thanks for writing this awesome story – shelarious!!!!!

  13. Michelle says:

    Just found you from a twitter post by Hyphen and am a new fan of yours. Whatever about Franco, he’s just jealous. You’re awesome!!!!!!

  14. Natalie says:

    Wong you waited 2 years! At the most opportune time? I don’t believe your story! You probably started that facebook campaign! Leave franco alone and stop hating!! You sure smiled ear to ear for the photo you’ve kept!

  15. arthur says:

    I enjoyed reading this. He was terrible at the Oscars. It was like a rehearsal for Pineapple Express.

  16. Panney Wei says:

    Girl, keep rockin! The guy fell flat on his &^%)! and I didn’t feel sorry for him. The Oscars should be reserved for more notable hosts, comedians with class, and individuals who have had earned the respect, had the longevity, and career to warrant being a host on one of the most respected award shows in the nation. Kudos to you my friend! I’m sure your speech was great. and your success is the BEST REVENGE. Citius. Altius. Fortius! and LOVE!

  17. Rena says:

    Kristina you are an awesome artist and friend!!! and I am proud to shout out and point my finger saying: I KNOW HER, I KNOW HER. THAT’S KRISTINA WONG-SHE’S MY FRIEND. God I have brilliant friends! sounds like someone with the initials JF was jealous!!!

  18. Ed says:

    Brilliant! I love this. Like one of the great poets of our time once said: “Cause, What you reap is what you sow”- Zach de la Rocha.

  19. Nohonani says:

    This whole post made me feel justified and happy (: for events that have no Wong-relation, but put me in similar settings, and for the persistent and mild junky-yuck feeling Franco has always inspired in me. So glad I followed a link to your blog, and that so many people agree that he is a total d*ck. Thanks!

  20. Tussanee says:

    <3 you are just too enjoyable Kristina, I could have just complained about his hosting at the Oscar but you gave me a better reason or "evidence" (I am a UCLA graduate of history and what I got was fancy words) to complain, thanks 🙂

    hope to see you at Zumi's next party! 🙂

  21. Michelle Jung says:

    I didn’t even know his name and even how he looks like until now. didn’t really watch the O. He looks like guy with full of ignorant and arrogant and with very bad hair. he needs help!
    Kristina, keep doing what u believe in and sure u r talented and intelligent artist!!!

  22. Nga says:

    got wind of your post through disgrasian, amazing piece!

  23. I don’t wish to specify the charity event that required me and a bunch of other bright eyed volunteers to wrangle Mr. Franco’s nuts in exchange for his glorious presence, but I will say that I agree with your assessment.

    1) He’s not that smart.
    2) He’s not a very good writer.
    3) His opinion of himself is far too high.
    4) He’s a dick.
    5) He’s a thoughtless dick.

    I hope his dismal effort at the Oscars will clue the nonprofits and educational institutions around the country that it is a monumental waste of money to hire that ass to address a crowd.

    Seriously? He didn’t even prepare a speech. He rambled and mumbled about his own accolades and barely made eye contact with anyone but the podium.

    Then he showed a boring film he’d made at school.

    I’d have boxed his ears and called my lawyers to stop payment on the check.

  24. Allison I. says:

    Oh man. It’s one of those stories that’ll be really funny someday, and a lesson about strength or something, but a bitch to endure in the present. Last week I heard Marc Maron interview Stephen Tobolowsky on his podcast, and Tobo had a story very similar to yours (not about Franco, but similar circumstance). Both stories made me feel better about professional insecurities, because there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t get you, I guess.

    Would love to see your show sometime.

  25. testington says:

    Cry me a river. I am not a Franco fan either (other than Freaks and Geeks which everybody is awesome on) but who cares if he didn’t like your speech? At least he was polite enough to take a picture with you when asked. He is entitled to his opinion and news flash almost every commencement speech ever written is one that most peopl would describe as “not very good”. Commencement speeches are a drag for everybody except the family of the person giving them.

  26. jully says:

    actually, *i* started crying when you said your parents acknowledged this “artist’s life” thing was the right choice. (but i think i’m starting my period soon.) you are BRILLIANT – and so inspirational. i love your writing and i love your work. just wait 15 yrs or so… we’ll be hearing about his tiger blood and adonis dna. (winning!!)

  27. Tewkewl says:

    you lost me when you said that you “pumped everyone up to vote for Obama”… What the F do you think you’re doing? no wonder Franco thought you sucked. It’s a graduation. Not a pep rally for your favorite liberal politician. That was completely inappropriate and I would have booed you. You weren’t very good.

    • kristina says:

      oh baby, to each their own. To clarify, I didn’t tell people outright to vote for him. I agree, a commencement speech is not the space for that. But I did say something to the effect of how we are living in changing times as evidenced by having a black presidential candidate. In my blog, I did misrepresent my speech there.

  28. if i may be honest says:

    i guess the title says it right. i’m not much of a franco fan but i can’t help but feel like the you took a ego-bruised moment and turned it into a bitter bashing party.
    What I found intriguing out of this whole thing was the “franco sucks” bandwagon people seemed to have so eagerly jumped on.

  29. Allison says:

    For G-d’s sake TEWKEWL (I’ll stop myself there), it’s called hyperbole or artistic liberties on the retelling of a story. Actually, it may not be called any of those things, but I’m smart enough to know that at some point I did learn what it was called. Basically what I’m trying to say is lighten up. And learn how to spell.

  30. Kimberly Huie says:

    Enlightening. Thank you. Kudos to you. Keep it up.

  31. Hey, weren’t you a World Arts & Cultures major? Or am I dreaming that we suffered through our theses class and last semester together!?

  32. katiekavang says:

    kristina wong, u r my shero!

  33. Ryan says:

    Was it wrong of Franco to put your speech down? Yes. Are you overreacting with bitterness and contempt? Yes.

  34. Anon says:

    The only word I could think of after I read this was “douche”.

  35. james franco is not welcomed in cambodia or any where we go. and why did he have to go and ruin “general hospital” for me. he needs to stay away from my trash, my homeland, and my homegirl. we love you ming kristina!

  36. Andrew says:

    This is a great post, and it just confirms my suspicions about his character and ladder-climbing mentality. I really doubt he would have gotten any of his “academic” hype had he not been a celebrity beforehand.

  37. Amy says:

    I feel like there is a lot of hype about James Franco because he’s very hippie and hipster-y… although I respect him as a person, I was listening to him on NPR and basically… I don’t understand how he is so famous. Anyways, I’m sorry for your experience, but who cares what someone thinks about your speech, right? It doesn’t matter if he’s famous. Whatever. 🙂

    Great article, though!

  38. Tera says:

    Oh he totally sucked at the Oscars, that is definitely all I have heard. I tuned out after the first 10 minutes and walked in and out of the room doing laundry, making lunch and watching the FB for highlights. I thought he was good in Freaks and Geeks but he has the presence of a chewed up piece of Hubba-Bubba and frankly I missed or I just don’t get what all the hype has been about. I was disappointed when I heard he’d be hosting. This is how things go downhill, the tipping point…James Franco half-asses the Oscars. Though I never heard your speech I managed to read your entire post word for word and was inspired enough to reply so I KNOW your speech was awesome! He is just an actor without an Oscar and will not be called on to MC even a spelling bee in the future. He peaked.

  39. Chris says:

    Unfortunately, I think the “kairos” moment has past. But luckily most bars and liquor stores are open daily.

  40. astrobuddha says:

    lol! I remember you posting about your commencement speech. it’s good to hear about that backstory, thanks for sharing! i was intrigued with the picture, and almost didn’t read your post (because I’m at work) but I’m glad i did.

  41. polly pureheart says:

    Who are you to tell her she can’t rally for Obama?! It was HER time to talk and if she spent it saying Rosewell exists that’s her perogative god FORBID we express our opinion like so without some whiny wrong-wing brat to complain. The world doesn’t not revolve around you conservatives so get over yourself hard as it might be.

  42. WONGSTER!! This post is HILARIOUS, as so much of your work is and to get glowing praise from the daughter of Dolores Huerta is icing on the cake if you ask me! It’s too bad that most ACTORS are so self absorbed that they wouldn’t get the humor of a thoughtful and thought provoking ARTIST as yourself, but there it is…Keep up with the amazing work you do Wongster, because you are reaching people in a way that Franco will NEVER manage to do, no matter how much he pays promoters =-)

  43. Amanda halm says:

    As a writer, I understand how completely crushing it can be when someone doesn’t like your work. That said, you’re giving him way too much power by talking about it two years later. If James Franco said he didn’t like something I did, I would say, “well, I didn’t really enjoy you at the Oscars.” (That said, I loved him in everything else).
    Also, he didn’t even say it to you. He was nice to you – you happened to overhear his opinion. So to say he was rude to you is incorrect. He took a picture with you.

  44. Geoffrey Crayon says:

    guy sounds like a tool–what a shame that he rained on your parade. however, perhaps the greater crime is that celebrity culture has so infiltrated our lives that the comments of some rich, spoiled jerk were able to undermine your incredible accomplishment: you delivered a speech at the ucla graduation. who cares if james franco liked it or not? his opinion can’t rob you of that awesome compliment to your work.

  45. Ann says:

    You only heard part of the conversation, so him saying he wanted to host isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. And speeches are subjective, so what if he didn’t like it, you say a lot of other people did, so who cares? Why bring this up two years later? Get over it.

    I’ve met James quite a few times and he’s been lovely to me. He’s extremely polite and considerate. It’s a shame you have to tear him down to get more people to read your blog.

  46. SherryBaby says:

    Revenge is best served cold and you didn’t have to do the cooking.

  47. ®å says:

    YAY! i am so tired of his goddamned nutsack! (if his nutsack bothers you, dont read the NYMAG, who is part of his nutsack, btw). the recent SNL portrayal of him was pretty funny..although rather tame.

  48. molly says:

    dude, RIGHT ON!
    that was a fantastic, superbly told story.
    right on.

  49. Bonnie Morse says:

    I read this on Jezebel and felt compelled to comment to you directly. I don’t exactly live under a rock. Mostly, I live online. I read the gossip, follow a few stars, and watch a lot of movies, but not much tv. And until the day after this year’s Oscars, when the reviews started popping up on the blogs, I’d never heard of James Franco. I kept thinking, “Don’t you have to be famous to host the Oscars? Who is this wanker?”

    I still don’t know. He could be the guy who mows my lawn, except, from what I’ve heard recently, I think my lawn guy has a better personality.

  50. Victoria says:

    I also read this on Jezebel and wanted to comment directly.

    I’m annoyed by the people in the comments before me who have gotten on your case and told you that you over-reacted, that you were having a pity party, that you needed to get over yourself and so forth – and a couple of nastier comments.

    What he said was prima facie proof of arrogance. Never mind whether EVERYONE would have reacted the same way, with the same degree of hurt, the point is that Franco exhibited arrogance of a degree that is generally considered extreme, but for many white privileged males is the norm, accepted, and even encouraged.

    That’s the issue here. He JUST graduated and thinks he should give the commencement speech? He doesn’t BLINK when he see you next to him after putting your speech down, wet-behind the ears puppy that he is, child that he is?

    Did you over-react? Well, yes – in a perfect world. But this isn’t that perfect world and feeling hurt as a result of someone “famous” saying what he did is entirely reasonable. Some would have been able to shake it off. Had the commencement speaker been another very secure (and possibly white male) who had come from privilege and never had to question himself, he would have said “fuck off” or laughed at Franco.

    Our society doesn’t give that women. No matter what our color or background may be, we’re taught that we please by being as beautiful as possible and that we are irrelevant if we aren’t “hotties” *or* famous/funny interesting – but then it’s still the hottie thing that is pounded into us (yes I used that word intentionally).

    The guys who posted and didn’t get why you felt the way you did — they’re guys, it’s different. Not evidence of inequality, merely difference. Perhaps when we are treated as genuine equal and not as pieces of tits and ass (it’s fine to be admired and to be desired – male or female, it isn’t fine to be objectified and made irrelevant otherwise) we won’t be as sensitive to a FAMOUS MALE dismissing our work or efforts.

    For now though? It’s very hard not to feel the way we do, the way you did. Revenge isn’t a good thing, if we’re talking about Karma, but it’s hard not to feel a twinge of “he deserved it” even when we know, in our better selves, that we shouldn’t; the work we do in getting past the ugly comments, that work shouldn’t be allowed to go for naught – and that is what happens, unfortunately, when we give in to hating. The hater is damaged far more than the “hatee.”

    And Ann? What do you look like? Are you pretty? Men like James Franco almost always (not always but so very close) are indeed “Lovely” to women… attractive women all the more so. He knows who his audience is, of course he was “lovely” to you – a touch more awareness would be helpful in understanding why a James Franco would be “lovely” when his ego isn’t on the line (why would they choose this obscure Asian American chick to speak and not ME, a famous guy – that’s the sort of thing he was thinking at the commencement speech) — but with you?

    Of course he was “lovely” and “polite” — either he wanted to get you into bed or he was consolidating his fan base, think about it, how often have you cooed and ooed over how nice he was to all of your friends and to everyone you know?

    And WHY? Because he’s “famous” – not because he’s intelligent or special or learned or has done ANYTHING for humanity — because you feel that he’s attractive – he’s “hot” and famous and you — and ALL OF US have been trained to bow down and worship that, ESPECIALLY if the hot and famous guy deigns to be polite and even “lovely” – we faint from the bliss of it, metaphorically or otherwise.

    Ugh, we need to remake things. Badly. I don’t find him attractive and I don’t care that he’s “famous” – but then I had the benefit of 12 formative years in Europe; those years allowed me to see how ridiculous so much is here and inoculated me against the fame worship.

  51. Michael David says:

    Oh my gosh! James Franco didn’t think my speech was the greatest in the world! Boo-hoo. Geez, what a whiner. I’m no Franco fan, he’s just another pompous, egomaniacal celebrity, but he finished his degree at UCLA in two years with a 3.5 GPA. – while Wong was missing “dry humping” opportunities, vomiting from drinking binges and continuing on with her “woe is me”, self-centered, pseudo-psychological-disorder existence.

    The only thing wrong with Kristina Wong is the fact that she is utterly self-absorbed and thinks the rest of the world should be as well. She grew up on an upper middle class home, went to a private, Catholic school, got to go to UCLA (paid fully by her parents) and yet… omg… life is UNBEARABLE!!! Meanwhile, many kids are living in squalor, going to schools that resemble a war zone and never will get the chance to go to ANY college, let alone UCLA without having to pay a DIME. Not everyone in the world has a mommy and daddy that will pay your bills until you come up with some goofy, weepy show that manages to pull in other whiny, goofy, weepy people so you can make a living.

    In the adult world, not everyone will clap and applaud your existence, Kristina. Not everyone will think the manic, messy, narcissistic nonsense you do on stage is the bee’s knees. There will be some people (without a full toolbox of social skills) that don’t like what you DO and they might say it (accidentally on purpose) in your presence. Learn to live with it without having to publicly whine because someone didn’t fawn over your every word and then gloat over their lousy Oscar hosting. Yes, Franco was a jerk, but you’re the bigger jerk for whining in public, lying in wait for him to fail (what was that about “karma”?) and considering only one side to things.

    Have you ever said something stupid near someone? Does that mean that you are a jerk? That your whole existence and personality is defined by that one – stupid – moment? Did you ever stop to think that maybe you’ve done this very same thing to someone else? No, you didn’t. Just like you didn’t do much thinking before you posted this immature nonsense. I have just two more words for you… grow up.

  52. thorn says:

    interesting how franco wasn’t getting that smacktalking you was actually also smacktalking the person who had invited you. to the person who had invited you.

  53. Kirra says:

    Franco was in my UCLA 10B English class in 1997 for his first go around…what a douche, he sat in front of me and would try to flirt with anything that walked and fell asleep all the time. This was right before he was in in TV movieland. Thank you for writing this, he is a pseudo-intellectual poser that needs to be exposed!

  54. ADL says:

    AWESOME story in the aftermath of the lamest oscars ever. he got his chance up on stage- although in fairness a much easier job than giving a whole speech, i think he said 10 sentences- and the joke’s on him. i’m positive if you were in his place the oscars would’ve actually been enjoyable!

    and franco-sympathizers: there’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion after a speech you didn’t like, but any college frad saying they should take over the next year is pretty damn arrogant. combine that arrogance with FAILING as a host and you get a JERK.

  55. Robin Finderson says:

    I think the only way for any of us to really accurately judge Mr. Franco is to watch a video of your speech, and see if his remarks were accurate. I grant you, his critique sounds arrogant (which isn’t the worst thing to be), but it could also be that your speech was so terrible that his view could only be interpreted as an honest and restrained assessment. Girl up, and post a video of your speech. Let us see for ourselves.

  56. Sue says:

    Not going to comment about Franco… but I have to say… you look TOTALLY CUTE in that picture!

    If I were a lesbian… I’d say you were “hot” … but I’m not, so I won’t.

    I will say… don’t define yourself by what others think or say about you.. it’s a losing proposition cause you have no control over it.

    Instead, define yourself by your work, and those instances where you have the opportunity to do something good for your fellow man. THAT’S something you can control… and when you focus on that… the rest just sorta falls into place.

    LOVED the “nutsack” reference though… keep on Wong-ing!

  57. Leila says:

    I came over here from James Franco is an ULTIMATE DOUCHE! He was NOT good in Spiderman and he was half-way decent in Pineapple Express. And I tried, unsuccessfully, to read his New York Times article because the shit just DID NOT MAKE SENSE.

    Oh, and yes, the Oscar’s were TERRIBLE!! Like, painful to watch terrible. I am certain you have more talent, wit and intelligence in your pinky finger than he has in his entire douchey body.

  58. Lauren says:

    As someone who writes and has taught creative writing, I will only say that you’re a lovely writer (not that you need my praise) and Franco shouldn’t feel so entitled.

  59. Aaron says:

    @ victoria…I met james a couple times, yes its true he knows his audience and “lovely”young women are odviously his audience. But Im a guy I met him at an art gallery about a year ago, there wasnt much of a crowd at the gallery becasue it was early and James didnt have an exhibition there, but I think a friend of his had art installations there and that is why he made an appearance.
    I was nervous to ask him for an autograph becasue he was talking to someone, but my friend pushed me and I asked him.
    He was actually very nice and cool with me. I asked him if i could take a picture with him and if he could say hi to my mom (I had a video camera), he said “sure no problem”., “what is your mothers names”… And I told him. He was awesome and nice I would never imagine him being rude to anyone. So your theory is incorrect about James being nice to only females. He is actually one of the coolest guys ive met.

    And i dont know who this Kristina wong lady is and I dont care really. I am sorry your experience when you met James was bad (or so you say, at least you got a picture out of it), if he was that horrible to you and scared you then why the f*ck did you keep his picture for 2 years I would have thrown it away. Or wouldnt have waited for 2 year to talk about it …”Oh i keep this from the paparazzi for 2 years ” LOL giv me a break!!!
    You odviously want people to know you met him and YOU look VERY HAPPY in that picture so i doubt that you were upset with him.
    The truth is you just want people to see your blog and post comments, you like the attention odviously, and you are calling James F a pretentious douche LOL!!!

    Yea the Oscars were terrible I saw them and Franco looked uninterested (prob. stoned), THAT’S your revenge LMFAO!!…

    Get a life and stop bitching about something that happened 2 freaking years ago…it seems that you are almost obssesed w/ franco followng his every move waiting for him to screw up in something, well lady it took you 2 years!!…but you finally got him…LOL!…get over it Kristina Wong! and get enjoy your 15 minutes of fame LOL!!

  60. Aaron says:

    your odviously not over it …you posted this stupid article!! ……if you were over it you would have just dealt with it!


  61. kristina says:

    Oh Aaron, it’s you who isn’t over me. I’m sorry I broke your heart, but you just weren’t mature enough for me. Sorry baby.

  62. Liza says:

    I agree with some of the comments above, that this Franco incident, stinks of White male privilege.

  63. Dana says:

    Yeah, I had a similar encounter with Franco. He is a doofus and a moron, and every time I see him now, my ire towards him grow.

  64. Lex says:

    wow… I use to really like him. This really changes things for me.

  65. Lizzy says:

    Kristina, girl, I love you and I don’t even know you! You are hella strong to put up with so many entitled white guy issues in these comments. It’s so stupid how these people think that Franco, some guy with NO experience at all, somehow should be entitled to give his unsolicited opinion and then also endorse himself as an eligible enough speaker when he hasn’t even graduated. Talk about lack of bravado and grace. Franco should hone the art of modesty if he wants to be taken more seriously.

  66. mark says:

    Hey Kristina – funny story and, wow, you know how to rile people up! Did you know James Franco hung around WAC at UCLA back in the late 90s doing pick-up performance art work with the crazy WAC gang before you attended? I videotaped him half-naked as the disorderly orderly in a ridiculous hospital skit set in the WAC men’s shower rooms. Unfortunately, those tapes disappeared into the WAC archives ’cause I think I could be making some money off that stuff ( ; Keep up the good work and keep being your fabulous self.

  67. Sandy'Ci Moua says:

    Kristina, Thanks for being honest here. Very few people have the guts to be this candid
    and I really appreciate that.

    I have never Frano and never really care to but I’ve met you and you matter to me more than him. So, alls I know is that he was really lame for talking shit about your speech yand expecting to be the speacker for next year. How pretentious.

    And that? YOU are NOT.

    Do what you do cause you know ppl love your work.


  68. julian says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I had him as a classmate last year in grad school, and it was demoralizing… he came to 3 or 4 classes in a year, and in the final crits (art school) slept on the middle of the floor while our classmates were giving their presentations.. plus, contrary to galaxy tab multitsking genius hype, his presentations and works weren’t just bad: they were the product of lazy tasking. I am ashamed that risd accepted him into our class, cuz’ he was an awful classmate and made a joke of the school.. i sincerely hope he doesn’t succeed in transforming academy into spectacle.

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