Dreams do come true if you put your mental crazy mind to it.

December 31st, 2010 → Leave a comment

Dreams come true if you put your mental crazy mind to it.

Just when I thought that 2010 hit the quota of personal triumphs including the birth of a new solo show (“Going Green the Wong Way”), raising $5000+ for CAT LADY from individual donors in less than 30 days with TWO MONTHS to spare, and buying my first home– I’ve learned that I am now Google Image Search Result #1 for “Mental Crazy Woman.” That’s right!   Somehow I leapfrogged over five other images in the last few months to the #1″Mental Crazy Woman” spot and on top of it, I pushed Robert Pattinson from #7 to #16!

I’ve written my acceptance speech for the award ceremony that nobody will have for me:

“You think I’m crazy, you really think I’m crazy!  It is an honor to be recognized among so many fellow mental crazy women…  Octomom, Mariah Carey…. your crazy always shocked me, and inspired crazy all over the world, you two should really should be here, not on page 8 of the same search results.    I would like to thank my ex-boyfriends whose brokeassedness and latent anger issues  helped trigger the seeds of this mania–  My middle school friends who in their innocent childhood insecurities, always attacked me as being a ‘weirdo’– thank you for believing I could become this….  but especially, I’d like to thank my mother.  For you have always been the wind beneath my mental crazy wings.  Love you Mom!”

Bow while pants fall down to my ankles.

Here’s to a 2011 where we don’t f*ck up more sh*t on this planet!  Be safe everyone!

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