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The set was one big clusterfluck of Wong.

I have returned back to my life of Los Angeles mediocrity and toil after two amazing weeks in Miami.   I didn’t get laid, catch VD or pick up a coke habit…  Come to think of it, I barely drank booze I was working so hard making nothing but theater.  I left Miami thinking… “Wow!  No sex or drugs?  What kind of f’d up Miami trip was that?”

And so goes another full-length Wong show under my belt!  “Going Green the Wong Way” is full length show #4 (maybe #5 if you count “Whoring for Hollywood” two years ago at the Comedy Central Stage… I’ve stopped counting…) in the books.  It wasn’t quite solo.  I had a trio of ASMs (Assistant Stage Managers) and Kristina Raines playing the voice of “Mother Earth.”  The three ASMs were decked out as “Reduce,” “Reuse,” and “Recycle” with these insanely cute coveralls.

What was so cool was that my folks flew out last minute from San Francisco to see the show.   I was so nervous about them there but the show was such a production that I wanted them to see how well I could do.  They even were part of my standing ovation.

A round up of the Reviews! In LA, one weekend shows rarely get reviewed, so I was thrilled to get reviewed and GOOD reviews at that.  Press kit, here we come!

Miami Herald (First line–  “Kristina Wong is a funny — no, make that an extremely funny — performer with a wildly imaginative, sometimes raunchy sensibility.”  Yay!)

Miami New Times

Miami Art Zine

Miami Art Zine (actual review)

Thomas Thorspecken (An Amazing local Orlando illustrator who draws events he attends)

Neil De La Flor (A funny local blogger and artist)

South Florida Theater Review

ENV Magazine

And a round-up of the preshow press!

Miami Art Zine

South Florida Theater Review

Miami Herald

Knight Arts

Brian Feldman does a preshow performance called "Going Green the Feldman Way"

And my favorite performance artist of Orlando, Brian Feldman (who you may remember from earlier blogs as the man who married a total stranger to show how ridiculous it was two strangers of opposite genders could wed but two loving same sex partners could not) did a great preshow performance where he chugged (water) from a gasoline canister in the lobby.  It was simple, telling and dramatic.  That’s Thomas’ drawing of it above!

Another awesome bonus was that I got to do a “Meet and Greet” event at the Soho Beach House called “Going Drunk the Wong Way.”  The Soho House is this exclusive club for rich kids.  They served “Wong Island Iced Teas” and I talked about my life.  So nuts!  And it was a “members only event.”

Ok, and now… back to my life of toil and mediocrity in Los Angeles.  I’m grateful for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  Baby Wong needs a vacay.

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