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November 9th, 2010 → Leave a comment

Assume what you will about the Miami theater scene here but my experience thus far working with MAD CAT Theater Company (the company producing my show here) has been tight.

LA Theater has nothing on the resources here.  First off!  People and space!   And the people are not flakes or disrespectful (at least not yet)!   Where did all this space and people come from?  We went into our first rehearsal yesterday with the company members who will be supporting the production of my show in two weeks and I think I counted at least ten people at the table yesterday… all there to support my SOLO SHOW.

Ann, is the most amazing board member of MAD CAT.  She’s not an actor, just someone who makes sure all the business is taken care of so we can focus on making the best show possible.   Is this real?! You mean, I don’t have to simultaneously write a grant and my play?!  WOW!

Then there Elaine, the stage manager who has built a model of the stage with the set design.  She sends “stage manager reports” after rehearsals.  I got said stage manager report in an email later that night and read each thorough detail of what happened in the time we were working and was like, “WOW! What’s this?”

Folks who do theater right will tell me, “Well, Kristina, that’s how it’s supposed to work.”

Exactly.  Not rehearsing in living rooms.  Not being berated by flaky directors or actors.  Not doing it all by yourself.   In theory, that’s how is is supposed to work.  But I get a dose of how it’s supposed to work hardly ever (says the martyr).  And so, I’m really enjoying being taken care of, staying in a house that’s a short bike ride from the beach.  And editing and punching the heck out of this script so it looks tight as a pair of lycra leggings next week.


My big Miami fun this weekend was that I went to Lil’ Wayne’s “Free Weezy” party.  What’s more Miami than going to a stripclub/nightclub/barbershop/BBQ called “King of Diamonds” where rappers throw themselves big party after going to jail for weapons possession?

Like a KISS concert, I did up my face with my fave Lil’ Wayne face tatts and headed over!

It was $150 to get in, so we had to settle for hanging out with the parking attendant.  Enjoy!


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