Bienvenidos a Miami! Again….

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The blown up version of me awaits in Miami.

I went to my friend Leilani’s baby shower last weekend and a friend there who I thought knew me well enough suggested: “Kristina, you should think about making your own performance work.”

“Uh, ok, I never considered doing my own work before,” was my reply.

I blog about this a lot, but watching your artist friends have kids is a trip.  Leilani was my artistic mentor for a long time out of college.  She taught me so well that I now help her write her grants.

As she opened up presents of baby clothes and held them up, it was like I could see the baby that she would soon hold inside the clothes.

So much of life changes so fast.  I can feel the earth shifting from under me.  I just don’t know if I’m shifting with it.

While the world procreates, I will enjoy childless Vegas hedonism with my director Paul Tei.

I’m running away for two and a half weeks to one of my favorite cities in America.  Miami!  Who knew that driving a death trap vegetable oil car four years ago would land me fist pumping in a tropical November to tell a whole audience about it?  Comedy from tragedy.  I did it.  We all can find redemption!

I’ll be staying in a home which is a short bike ride from the beach and look forward to not eating Korean food for a while (the Korean grocery store is the closest walk from my home).  I also want to go to Lil’ Wayne’s “Homecoming from Jail” party, in Miami this Sunday.  Believe it.

Look where Jerry Seinfeld's ass is, that's where I am.

I was thinking this morning how the most normal, calm, conventional life to me would be to sit in LA and be a working actor.   To wake up in the same bed each morning.  See the same (type of) people every day.  Go to a set and not have to worry about how you are going to pay for the set or the crew.  Just say your lines and go home.   That seems so laid back compared to my life right now.  I feel like I’m raising a family right now of shows and deadlines and projects.  I feel like I should cash in my retirement savings and hire an assistant (for all of the one month I could afford to hire her for!).

We’re still creating the Going Green the Wong Way show.  Last night, we made a section where a giant tampon serenades Peter Frampton to me.  Oh how I find uses for my college degree!

Still bus lady in LA, and garnering a career from it....

I loved being part of mainstream America last week as I watched the Giants win the World Series.  I’d never spent so much time in sports bars until these last two weeks.  My god.  How most of America lives.  I just drank and ate fried foods.  It was so simple.  So fun.  I cheered at the screen like I had anything to do with anyone winning.  Wrote fanatical status updates about how God told me the Giants would win so I could cash in my sports bet….  It was a great distraction from the toil of my life.

I won my first sports bet in Vegas!

I was a huge baseball fan as a kid.  I’m not sure if it was really sexual repression talking, but at 11, I dreamt of being bat girl and buddying up to Will Clark, Robby Thompson, etc.   I remember the 1989 earthquake that stopped the Bay Bridge World Series.

I watched every second of the celebration parade in San Francisco.  It made me miss home.  It made me just want to sit around a house watching DVDs and make babies and have some mundane job, and have sports be the biggest thing in my life.

But then the parade was over.  And I woke up to the fantastic world that is making a living as a performance artist.  Making tampons serenade me in Miami,  etc.  Because that’s also what life is about.  It’s a good life.  I’m grateful for this one too.

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