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The Comedy Central Stage Show went unbelievably well.  I had been working in such a cocoon the last few weeks that I forgot how much more alive I become with an audience.  I was dragging my performance artist self into the show left and right and really testing the boundaries of what “Comedy” at the “Comedy Central Stage” should look like.  I started crying onstage unexpectedly as I talked about almost dying (but didn’t let it get too precious), tramped my politics through the joint,  I was personal and took my sweet time to talk story, I threw in this political performance art ending.  I guess I just stopped caring at a certain point in the rehearsal process about wooing the industry and just ran with my instincts.  I’m glad of it.  That’s all we have time left for on this planet to do…. run with it.  And from what I can tell, the audience was with me and listening.

I’m really pleased to share that my concert film of Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has a great write up in FILM THREAT. In the interview, I talk about the adaptation of stage work to film and compare the two worlds…

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