PBS just became my new favorite station, Vh1 my second…

July 30th, 2010 → 1 Comment

Look below Harry Conick Jr on the PBS homepage! YES YES YES!

After talking about it for months, I finally got my guest blog for PBS up!  It’s only been up a few hours and already my inbox is being flooded with emails from people who are social workers, depressed, allies, and just new fans of my work.  It’s so exciting to jump into new arenas like this.  I can’t wait to see how the film goes over at festivals this Fall.

You can’t tell, but I was kinda slumping along the last few months trying to adjust to the “oh my god I bought a home why did I do that, it’s too much responsibility and I don’t know if I have enough work in the pipeline to pay this off, why am I on this planet anyway”  but now things are kicking back into that breakneck speed I love so much that helps stave off the whole existential crisis thing.

The crazy periods and the calm periods could stand to even out a little bit.  I passed out a couple times in the middle of the day this week just trying to keep track of it all.

My head is falling off.  After years of this artist hustle,  I still haven’t gotten used to the totally schizophrenic rhythm of this completely draining lifestyle.

Right now I am trying to write a show that goes up at the FORD on Sunday, rewrite a new draft of Cat Lady, get our Cuckoo’s Nest DVD out into the world, and am prepping for a preview show of “Going Green the Wong Way” (previously the show called  “Carless in LA:  The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles) for the Comedy Central Workspace on September 8!

I have a zit on my forehead.  It’s big and red and filled with all sorts of anxiousness.  I’m going to go across the street to this $20 foot massage place.  Get the knots pulled out and then come back and get stressed out again writing.

Yay, psychotic Kristina with the hyperactive schedule is back!!!

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One response to “PBS just became my new favorite station, Vh1 my second…”

  1. Christopher says:

    I didn’t realized how much energy you put into your show until I saw an excerpt of it. So much of you is poured into the audience no wonder it’s exhausting scripting on the front end. Hang in there.

    BTW. try tazorac for that it will dry out the meanest of those Nancy Reagans.

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