The Launch of Kong Magazine!

July 2nd, 2010 → 2 Comments


I tell you… launching a sex and comedy publication FOR WOMEN is no easy feat.  Just ask Jessica Moats (former Art Director of Playgirl Magazine) who has been working non-stop for almost a year to get Kong Magazine off the ground.  Kong rises from the ashes of the now out of print Playgirl Magazine to offer meaty, literary, and well curated sexy content for women readers.

No longer will we have to glean off of porn sites for men to get our rocks off!  Kong is here!   Jessica is a good friend of mine and I’ve gotten to witness how launching a web media publication is about as easy as making a living as a performance artist.  But she did it!  A virtual one woman (with a lot of help) ship!  I’m so proud of her!

Above is just a snippet of the interview I did with Greg Sestero, star of the cult phenomemon “THE ROOM.” A longer one is available and some other articles are available once you get in the site.   Kong is offering a free month of membership so people can check out the site. Use the code “KONG_100607” to get your free month membership.  The code is only good through 7/21/10, so jump on it!

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2 responses to “The Launch of Kong Magazine!”

  1. LOVE IT! I think Wiseau was right about Greg flirting with you here.

  2. Farina says:

    Hate to be pedantic, but Playgirl in fact isn’t out of print. They stopped printing for about a year, but then went back into print because they found that online only wasn’t a successful strategy.

    So it’s good to see that Kong is going to be in print and online. I hope it’s as good as Filamentmagazine!

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