I am in my cave.

June 21st, 2010 → Leave a comment

Oliver is chilling atop my outline for my new play “Cat Lady.”

I leave on a plane to Austin, TX in a few hours and am like a crazy lady trying to rewrite my script before it gets read by actors.  That’s right, I’m using actors from Texas to workshop my new play.  I’m outsourcing LA jobs.

I couldn’t wait to get home a few months ago, and for the last few weeks, couldn’t wait to leave.  I’ve been meaning to update the blog but have been wanting to focus inward.  I hadn’t touched this script since I worked it over in March.  Before that, I hadn’t touched it since January.  It’s a trip.  It took over a week for me to understand what I wrote.  It really takes a long time to get into the cave.

I’m an antsy lady.  If there is nothing going on, I really lose my mind.  It’s especially hard because being creative sometimes requires that I have time to myself, but usually time to myself makes me go crazy.  And I am learning that getting real work done means I need to bounce out of town.

I am working with Shawn Sides, an amazingly talented director in Austin (another outsourced LA job).  She’s been amazing at helping wrangle actors from her company to do the reading, setting a work schedule (which includes time to hit the bars every night, god bless this woman), and also schedule rest time.  I had no idea that directors could be so helpful.    And I need this help because I’m writing for other people for the first time.

I get two days off after we work like crazy for six days straight. In those two days, I will have earned the right to do nothing but drink and go swimming.

Can’t wait.  Now back to the grind.  I am drinking red bulls and rewriting this play!!!

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