Open House #9: Still no goddamned internet

May 5th, 2010 → Leave a comment

I put on a show for Children last weekend. It was Grey Gardens for kids. I was Little Edie Wong

I had food poisoning last night.  Just as I was cleaning up Oliver’s diarrhea on the floor I got hit with a case of the smooth moves myself.  I’m nauseous at the Starbucks where I’m trying to catch up with eons of work.  I can’t live like this.

AT&T has yet to turn on my internet.  I swear the globalized world and the kinks in it’s system have manifested in the hundreds of pointless calls placed to AT&T and any other internet service provider that land me in the same loop of trouble tickets, explaining the situation, placing the order and waiting for a red light to stop flashing.  Time Warner couldn’t find the live jacks in my home and said I’d have to see if the neighbors had Time Warner and that I’d have to get permission from the Condo Association to drill in their walls… that was not going to happen.  And the man in India who answers the phone for Earthlink insisted that Time Warner and Earthlink were different (and they aren’t) and after an hour of telling him, “Hey, I think I’m going to run into the same issue again,” I finally was able to get off the phone because indeed, I ran into the same issue.

Now I’m going with a small company for DSL that basically buys from AT&T in bulk and will sit on the phone with them instead of me.

Meanwhile, I have huge shows, and huge projects that I need to get off the ground.  But I am telling the world via a carrier pigeon.

I’m sick in the Starbucks in Koreatown.  Someone help me.

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