Could I inflect any more in my voice? Geez.

March 5th, 2010 → Leave a comment

Greetings from Syracuse, NY where I’ve been an artist-in-residence since Monday night. It was a packed three days of lectures, workshops and a performance for a video art class. I also bought a “Bumpit” at the RITE AID to get down Snooki Wong style. But it wasn’t as trashcan as I was hoping it would be.

Now I get on a Greyhound bus at 1:15am bound for NYC. I’m going to work on my Cat Lady play for a few days then go home to LA where I can pack my stuff up, close escrow on the condo, and move in already!

If I don’t survive my 6 hour (ARGH!) bus ride tonight, please remember me by the above video which I totally just found by accident on youtube just now. It’s from a youth TV station thing that interviewed me when I was performing in San Francisco last November.

Also, a radio interview I did here in Syracuse is online already!

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