From the woods to the desert!

January 27th, 2010 → Leave a comment

From the snow to the desert. I am in the Grady Gammage theater right now and there are like 12 crew people setting up the stage for me. Oh no wait… they are BUILDING a stage for me. JESUS! Is this really my life? The show is almost sold out and I’ve never even been here before. My name shows up on advertisements next to Mary Poppins which also plays here. The talk I’m giving tonight will have like 80 people there.

I give talks in different classes every day and someone from ASU picks me up and drops me by. And they ask me what I’d like to drink and bring it for me. After having sat in the woods fighting my humidifier, and wondering if I am really an artist or not, I can’t believe the fanfare here. I can’t believe this is my awesome life.

Nine years ago, I wrote my first solo show and was scraping by making a living on ebay. I was playing whatever venue would have me. Now I have all these crew people here setting up a stage for my show. I am selling out cities I’ve never been to before. I feel like a rock star.

(A non-profit rock star.)

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