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A film I co-wrote and acted in last April in Chicago is playing in a film festival in Gstaad, Switzerland! And it’s up for an award called the “Golden Cow”! It was a blast working with my crazy talented director friend Masahiro Sugano and it felt like one of those really exciting true collaborations where you are just running with ideas and going going going.

But the best part is you all get to see me making out with this guy Dwight on a lawn full of goose poop while old Chinese men watch us. Yes, it’s true. Sex is unnecessary when you have yarn.

UPDATE: Looks like the director is taking this down in a few days because we need to let this film make the rounds at festivals all over the world first. So enjoy it while you can. In the event that it’s important to you to see the film and can’t wait til it goes online because you are someone in a high position of power or relative of mine, email me and I’ll send you a link where you can download the film. Thanks!

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