Leonard Bernstein and Kristina Wong– Same difference.

January 16th, 2010 → Leave a comment

Today the staff at MacDowell did a mid-day champagne toast. The deadline for summer residency applicants was today and they got over 1000 entries for 70 slots. It’s a record for them and a new feat in their popularity. Jesus, it really has me questioning how I managed to get in here.

I am writing a poem called “The Mother Teresa of Pussy.” I also wrote a three page monologue about how cats are better than men. I wonder if Aaron Copeland is turning in his grave.

I feel introspective but am not sure if anyone else would agree. Folks here have offered to look at my stuff and help structure it, but I’m feeling insecure like this baby isn’t ready for her party yet.

I have nine days left to make brilliance shoot out in a stream of cat pee.

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