Gorgeous, gorgeous winter.

January 5th, 2010 → 1 Comment

Another video transmission from my first New Hampshire winter.

Category: MacDowell

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  1. soapie says:

    hi! i found your blog through a friend. your videos are really funny… i never knew an artists colony like MacDowell even existed. Retreating to such a place to write reminds me of Thoreau at Walden Pond.

    btw, you should see New Hampshire's fall foliage sometime. its colorful, golden, red, green, and all kinds of amazing that i had never known existed prior to moving to new england. =) (and i too own a long, horribly puffy, brown winter coat which when i wear, i look like a giant brown piece of marshmallow. or poop. oh well. but when it is <20F, who cares?)

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