Happy New Year from the MacDowell Colony!

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Look at where I live for the next 3 weeks!

There’s so much to tell you all. The food here is amazing. I had crepes with mushrooms and goat cheese this morning. And last night we had catfish. It’s like eating every day at a restaurant where you don’t even have to tip. Or pay…. This is insane. Who thought of this artist colony idea? It’s brilliant.

Here are video blogs from the last two days….

I’m still trying to get the city buzz out of my head. And the writing is moving along, but not racing full speed like I’d like it to. I’ve spent a lot of time just watching DVDs of other theater shows and reading.

Last night’s New Year’s Eve celebration was fun. We had a “dance tour” party where artists could sign up to host everyone for one song (and dance) and would offer one drink. It was the first time I stepped into anyone’s studio. We are so far apart from each other that we actually drove in cars from studio to studio. Mine was one of the last studios on the tour as evidenced by the clip below…

Last night instead of watching Dick Clark, they did a ball drop (balloons wrapped in mylar) from the 2nd floor.

It was so cute. It broke open and there were fortunes inside. Catia and Meghan in this picture are holding masks they made of the “MacDowells” who founded the colony and hosted us through the dance tour.

Here’s the piano in my studio! Currently used as a glorified bookshelf.

If famous composers like Meredith Monk and Aaron Copeland made their masterpieces in this studio, surely I can churn out a show about cat pee.

This is Mr.T, the mangy cat that lives in the laundry room and is 16 years old and doesn’t groom himself. I gave him a haircut yesterday. Snipped all the clusters off of him.

We keep our liquor apart by putting tags on them. So handy.

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