JacketGate Part III: Just shut up Wong and put the stupid jacket on.

December 28th, 2009 → Leave a comment

It was getting late, and neither myself nor my father felt like going to Redwood City in pursuit of an old coat. So I’m cutting the tags off my purchases and I’m ready to look like a million bucks at MacDowell… Specifically… like 292 bucks.

And this is the end of JacketGate. For now at least….

I am so excited about MacDowell. I plan to go on walks and do weird meditative breathing and write and get fat eating gourmet food. And get a lot of writing in.

I learned a lot from two summers ago when I was in Florida. To not take on too much, not beat myself up for not getting as much work done. And to stay away from the internet… So we’ll see how that goes!

Here’s the video of where I’m going. It’s so out of control quaint and perfect.

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