Open House #1: Buying a House with No Help Whatsoever. Can it be done?

November 28th, 2009 → 1 Comment

I know I’m like really old, but I’m also looking into getting adopted by Brangelina.

For those of you who are homeowners thanks to the financial help of your friends and family, I say, be so so grateful for what you have been given. I really was serious when I was saying that I have to do this buying a house thing all by myself. I wish I had financial handouts from my family, a sugar daddy or an inheritance in the foreseeable future.

But I don’t, and don’t want what I don’t have to hold me back either.

Which means, I need to come up with a lot of money very quickly. Because baby, I’m going to be a homeowner in the next year before the market creeps up again. Plus home equity is the best guarantee anyone has at retiring with a key financial asset under you.

I started looking at Wiki How articles to figure out how to make money really quickly.

Here are some articles I found….

How to be an escort
(After some consideration, I decided against this. I’d suck as an escort.. hey! No pun intended….)

How to Save money
(I do most of this anyway, so this wasn’t really helpful.)

How to Make Money Fast
(These ideas are really time consuming and lame.)

And here are some steps I took…

  • Downgraded the text message plan on my cell phone (which only saves $60 a year… but still.)
  • Swearing off all purchases for the next year.
  • Signed up for this Black Friday special at ING Direct which gives me $121.
  • Opened an account on so I can start to manage my finances in an easier way.
  • Writing people who owe me money to pay me back.

    I’m considering canceling my health insurance ($228/month– Jesus!) since I barely use it, and when I use it, it seems to cost me more than the $35 co-pay. But for now, will hold onto it. Though I’m a pretty healthy person and wonder how much I need it.

Anyway, I’m a tough girl. I’ll figure this out and I actually do think I can do this. If I have kept myself alive and thriving as a performance artist the last few years, the buying a house thing is going to be easy in comparison.

I’m blogging about this journey because I think a lot of artists don’t feel it’s possible to do things like this on your own. But it is. Or at least, I’m going to pull it off. And I’m going to outline my process the whole way. Plus making this journey public is going to make me accountable.

These are going to be a fun string of adventures in my blog. And the great end result is that I will hopefully have a safe and wonderful place to live.

The American Dream.

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One response to “Open House #1: Buying a House with No Help Whatsoever. Can it be done?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I feel your pain. I've been trying to purchase a house without support or helpful advice from parents or friends, and it's been kind of a nightmare. On the upside, I live in a cheaper town than you do . . . on the downside, I'm pretty sure I make a lot less.
    I wish you luck, and look forward to your posts.

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