The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #25: Who’s going to drive you home… tonight?

November 26th, 2009 → Leave a comment

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I come with great news! I intend on being a homeowner by next year!

I know what you are thinking…

How the f$#* are you going to get a house if your parents aren’t going to buy one for you? And by the way, if you haven’t checked, you make a living as a performance artist!”

Those are minor details my friends… But I’ve been scrimping for the last ten years towards this moment, maintained excellent credit, and the not owning a car martyrdom has cut an $8k a year line item out of my budget (and would be an amount I can put forth towards a monthly mortgage). I’ve also figured I can sublet the place whenever I leave on tour. And it will just be impetus for me to work more.

Ain’t no fire under your ass like a mortgage payment to get you up and going in the morning!

I’m starting a new blog series called “Open House” about this whole journey of looking and buying a home for an artist’s lifestyle on an artist’s income.

Last year, I went to Open Houses with my friend Timo. We pretended to be married and would tell these poor realtors that “you know, we are looking for a home to start a family in. Something under $2 million.” These blogs will be more realistic as I have to look WAAAAAY under the $2 million range.

This throws a lot of the carless living into jeopardy. I’m looking for places that I can singularly afford. But also, ideally, a home near public transportation. Because I want to continue these creative explorations of Los Angeles sans car… AND I will need every extra penny towards the mortgage.

I am open however, to splitting the difference should the situation arise. Buying a less expensive place and a car to get me to it. This does make me shiver a little… The thought of being held down again by a car. I know, there is such a thing as a reliable car. And not all cars run on $5/gallon veg oil and burst into flames on the highway.

I just want to have my cake (the house) and eat it too (not have to drive 20 miles to get there).

I’m starting my search in neighborhoods I never really wanted to live in before… Koreatown and Downtown because the condo prices have dropped dramatically and they are both within the city and near public transportation.

Stay tuned for my Open House blogs!

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