“You are my Rose, You are my Rose, You are my Rose…”

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If you know who this is, you are probably spinning in your seat like I was all of Saturday when I got to interview him for Kong Magazine’s premiere issue. It’s Greg Sestero, the hunk sauce actor who stars in the Cult Phenomenon “The Room.” A movie that was written, directed, produced and stars Tommy Wiseau that I’ve been a fan of for the last few years. It’s become the new Rocky Horror. The Room is one of the few live experiences that I’ve been to at least five times (lost count).

Kong did a really steamy photoshoot of Greg complete with super-fanesque shots of him in a bed of spoons and pouring scotchka on his bare chest. It was so surreal to actually meet Greg in real life and ask him “hunk-of-the-month” questions like, “So what’s the most romantic date you’ve ever been on?”

We also shot and interviewed Branden Kong who was Tommy Wiseau’s one time assistant, confidante, and stars in “The Neighbors.” Branden is arguably, the original “Denny.”

Later that night, we all headed to Orange County to watch the first ever screening of the Room. There was a smaller turnout than in LA and NYC where it tends to sell out. Tommy didn’t come but Greg and Branden did. I ended up announcing them for the pre-show Q&A. It was so great and weird to be in front of these Room fans introducing Greg.

Greg threw the football around in the theater. What was even weirder was when I was screaming at the screen during the Greg/Mark scenes with Greg just a few feet from me. Greg told us that he hasn’t really watched the movie in full for a few years and I guess he hadn’t heard a lot of the audience chants. And in the dark of the theater he hugged me and whispered softly into my ear, “You’re responses are great!”

(Hubba hubba! Rowr…..)

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