The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #24: Carlessness… The Greatest Career Boost Ever.

November 17th, 2009 → Leave a comment

I did it. Four DIFFERENT shows in one week. Two cities. And unlike Jesse Spano… NO NERVOUS BREAKDOWN!

I just got back from San Francisco. I presented my Carless Comedy show Sunday. Saturday was the LA Storyteller Festival where I did two different pieces. Then Tuesday and Friday, I did the “Whoring for Hollywood” show with D’Lo at the LA Comedy Festival.

The storytelling community is no joke. Imagine folks from a renaissance fair and like an audience whose median age is 65 all mixed together. I wasn’t sure how this crowd would take me. They are so sincere and so into folklore and myths. And I just do the strange things that I do. I was programmed in the “Fringe Tales” concerts which was their way of saying, “Filthy, saucy, dirty stories”. I kept joking that they should have named “Fringe Tales”– the “Motherf*cking Stories!” show.

My whole family came out to see me! And didn’t disown me after!

The adrenaline from NYC and doing five new shows in five days still follows me. It was a huge challenge, but I made it through this week and kicked ass each time. It feels so great.

How’d I get through this week? I just took it day by day. On Sunday after my plane landed, I worked furiously at my parents’ house to tack on 10 new minutes of material to my carless show. I was wondering if the disconnect between LA and SF would make a difference, but it really was a hit. The San Francisco audience was with me even though I was talking about trying to get around LA. And can I blame them? Who else could tell this insane story of owning a money pit car that ran on vegetable oil and then it catching on fire? Followed by my stories on the bus. I got this topic on lock down!


I’m dreaming up more places that this carless experience can take me, and already, opportunities to tour and talk about this are presenting themselves all over the country. I’m talking books, radio, panels, commissions– it’s endless where this can all go.

Jesus! Spending all that money on a shit car, almost dying in a car fire, and then going carless in Los Angeles is the best thing that ever happened to me!

I’ve been really fulfilling my recession year goal of creating as much new work as possible, not getting stuck in a creative rut. Nelson Mandela wrote books from prison… I can certainly make shows for any space. I hit a lot of post-partum creative depression when Cuckoo’s Nest was finally “done” but I’m feeling so good as I look ahead and finally see that I’m going to do the work, not the work around doing the work.

Give me a concert hall! Give me a lecture hall! I can do it! And most importantly, I’m more in practice as an artist than as an artist than as an arts administrator.

I think life is lining up nicely. I’ve just decided to run forward and not look back. Who’s coming?

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