The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #22: Name that show!

November 5th, 2009 → 1 Comment

I find that great public transportation days will completely restore my faith in Los Angeles living. I had an audition in Hollywood Monday morning then was to shoot a short film in Woodland Hills later that afternoon. It was one of those hypothetical carless situations I’ve dreaded for so long… having to get from one place to god knows where in a short time frame.

I worked it out with the director of the short film to meet at her school in Reseda and she would take me from there to Woodland Hills. The schedule gets so crazy, that I don’t shoot a lot of student films, but she sought me out from my website and was willing to chauffer me from Silverlake if I wanted… so who was I to say no? I decided it was ridiculous to make her drive down the 101 and back up, so I volunteered to see what this “orange line” was and if it was possible to get to BFE Reseda in such a short amount of time.

But it turns out, it’s actually easier for me to get to Reseda from Hollywood than from Silverlake to West LA. The wonders of our underused subway! I’m a huge fan of it. I actually think I got there faster than if I drove the freeways. The orange line runs on this dedicated street called “Busway” where no other cars go. I got there and back in a predictable and reasonable amount of time. I even hit Happy Hour at Akbar with my friend Greg before cruising home. It was so… New York. I loved the novelty of riding the bus for convenience in LA!

Sure, there were some moments at the bus stop. The man with the adult diaper peeking out from his stained denim jeans who volunteered without solicitation “you beautiful girl.” Or the older Latino man at Vermont and Santa Monica who mumbled “Chinatown” while pointing at my face.

As a modern woman, I should embrace any and all compliments! Even if they come from derelicts at the bus stop!


In other news…. I’m still looking for a name for this Carless show. And I’m taking your votes and suggestions… I can’t seem to find anything as clever as “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

Here are some bleh ideas I had for titles:

The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles
Carless in LA (I find this too easy)
Car Porn (trying too hard)
Car Porn: My Love Affair with an Older Car

I put a call out on Facebook and my friends contributed these suggestions, notice how people tried to be helpful by beating the shit out of my last name…

  • The Kristina Wong Show
  • DMV… DOA…in LA!
  • Post- Fire, Walk With Me?
  • in my shoes, literally.
  • “How Pedestrian.”
  • Wonging in LA
  • B*U*S*T*E*D
  • Grease fires; not just for kitchens anymore
  • Soles on Fire: Wong on Wong
  • “That’s Just Wong”
  • “That’s So Wong”
  • Walk This Way-
  • When the Veggie Breaks”?
  • “All last night sat on the veggie and moaned/ Thinking about my baby and my happy home/ Going down down down down down now”
  • Like water and oil Kristina and cars.
  • green fury
  • Who’s Gonna Drive Me Home, Tonight?” (you can’t go on, thinking nothing’s wrong)
  • “I’m on the Highway to Hell”
  • “Lord, Won’t You Buy me a Mercedes Benz?”
  • “I Can’t Drive . . . 55”
  • “It Ain’t Easy Being Green”
  • “Who’s Gonna Drive Me Home, Tonight?” (you can’t go on, thinking nothing’s WONG)
  • “I Fought the Car . . . and the Car Won”
  • “Shitty, Shitty, Bang, Bang”
  • “The Up In Smoke Tour”
  • Hoofing the Wong
  • Hoofing Wong
  • My Greasecar Done Blow’d Up Real Good
  • Grease
  • I am sexiest at the bus stop
  • Karmama
  • For I Have No Car And I Must Scream
  • crisco inferno
  • Wok no Roll
  • Without a Car in the World
  • Bicycles and the Big Blues
  • ‘on foot veggie car kaput’
  • Wong Turn
  • BUSting Loose!
  • Foot Traffic, Veggie Car Blues and other stories
  • Pun Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, oops, wrong show….I mean, WONG show

I am liking the ones with song titles kind of built in. Any ideas for me?

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  1. Snarkysmachine says:

    The Every Street Shuffle.

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