The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #21: Diane Meyer’s “Without a Car in the World”

October 25th, 2009 → Leave a comment

Diane Meyer’s “Without a Car in the World”

It has come to my attention on this Sunday afternoon that I am in page E4 of the paper! Specifically, an extremely flattering photo of me and Oliver, but unflattering picture of my old office is featured as part of Diane Meyer’s “Without a Car in the World”– her photo exhibit of 100 Angelinos who don’t own cars. The exhibit is up at the 18th Street Arts Center until December.

Had I known she was going to photo me in my office, not with my bike outside, I would have cleaned up my slop. But here it is, my crap immortalized for all of Los Angeles!

On December 2, I’m doing a performance at the exhibit about carlessness. I believe the show is free and I hope you will come see my work-in-progress. What I’ve shown so far has gone over so well!

I took this picture about two or three months into my carlessness.

Anyway, I am in San Francisco now. I came up for my cousin’s fancy wedding. I realize as a person who puts on shows all the time, how mundane weddings can be despite the glitz. Give me a drive thru Vegas wedding and a public BBQ any day. Weddings are like Neil Simon productions– safe, scripted, formulaic, hyped.

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