The end of my career never looked this good.

October 2nd, 2009 → 1 Comment

In a world where irony flees faster than a moving pixel in the digital age, we’ve decided to go for the all out offensive.

This APACUNT panel idea was originally a very bad idea that I had with Alice Tuan.

“Let’s write a proposal so offensive and so impossible that there is no imaginable way that anyone would let us put it up!”

But they did. They let us put it up last year at the National Asian American Theater Conference and now they are letting us do it again in New York City where for five days we will discuss the past, present and of course, the futility of Asian American Theater. In between, me stroking my ego.

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One response to “The end of my career never looked this good.”

  1. Sum Young Guy says:

    Yes but the rest of us can't see it too. This sounds really funny BTW.

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