Recession Tactics: Lemons from Lemonade… I mean… Lemonade from Lemons

September 22nd, 2009 → 4 Comments

Me and my fellow solo performer D’Lo decided that instead of battling over the scant number of paying university shows for pennies that we would instead combine forces and whore out our talents on the street, then post our efforts on YouTube.

What’s great is that the first part of Part 1 is real raw footage we collected after seeing these girls while driving….

I love that we have this kind of Odd Couple, Bert and Ernie dynamic going…. D’Lo is the straight man. Perhaps it’s an inside joke, but we’re pretty hilarious. Part II….

Brownie points for those who watch Part III

I started outlining about 10 ideas for short films for the two of us to pile upon the mountains of short films already on YouTube. This one took us a month to get together. At this rate, and between our touring schedules, our next film should surface in 2011.

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4 responses to “Recession Tactics: Lemons from Lemonade… I mean… Lemonade from Lemons”

  1. The Reader says:

    Nice dress! Bravo on the webisodes.

  2. Monica says:

    this is HILARIOUS! can't wait for the next series of "Kristina & D'Lo"!

  3. jmoats says:

    do do do do to do, do to do do to doo doo.. i hear the odd couple music… and LOVE this! you guys remind me of lucille and desi!

  4. jess says:

    "you look like Gandhi and a rapist had a baby"..LOL

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