The Wong Sans Wheels Chronicles #18: I am still not ready to fall in love again (with car owning)

September 10th, 2009 → Leave a comment

“I got good news Kristina. I think I have a car you could buy. It’s a 1990 Honda. Joel says it’s in solid condition and is going to go over it to make sure it’s ok to drive. I told him about your 81 Mercedes and he says this won’t give you any trouble like that. Only $1200. What do you think? That’s a great deal for a good Japanese car. You want to take a look? Then you won’t have to worry about taking the bus so late at night anymore.”

My hands start to shake. My heart beats faster. I’m catching my breath and yet, I’m just on the phone, sitting at my desk.

My fear of commitment is still too strong.

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